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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wentworth Miller - Fame and Recognition.

Went’s character Michael Scofield also had the amazing tattoo all over his body.  This of course added to the ingeniousness of the character he portrayed.  It also had the female audience glued to their TV sets every week. [She Laughs].  In interviews Went had to explain how the tattoos were applied and how he felt about wearing them.

Went was asked in an interview if any of the tattoos he had on the show were real.  He said ““ No. It's really not my thing, but it is a treat to become someone who's 50 percent tattooed. The whole pleasure of being an actor is trying out things you don't have to take home with you at night. “ and  “I haven’t been working out in a while, I appreciate that it the tattoo adds shading and contours where there are none.”

(Yeah right Went tell us another one, you’re perfectly shaped in every way.)

Went also had this to say about working out “I made a decision not to work out because I'm lazy and also, the character is not a superhero. I didn't want him to be a buff guy with Jackie Chan moves because the point is he's smarter than your average Joe.”

In 2006 Went Won the People’s Choice Award in the category “For favourite New Television Drama.”  He was nominated by the Academy of Science fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA for a Saturn Award in the category “Best Actor on Television”.  He was also nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the Category TV – Choice Actor. Went also received a nomination for a Golden Globe Award in the Category “Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama.”

Before Went earned himself a nomination for the Golden Globes he said that it would be wonderful to earn an award “Show me an actor who has not had his Oscar fantasy and I will show you a liar’. Even if he did not get any awards, acting is an essential part of life for him in itself. ‘You have to love what you do, and you have to need it like you need air. And there's nothing else that would give me the same degree of satisfaction as acting, which is why I can't walk away from it. The road has been what it's been and it's taken me as long as it's taken to get here and I don't regret a second. It doesn't get any better than this."

Now with a regular role and a Golden Globe nomination for best actor in a TV drama, Went said this about being snagged for a Golden Globe Nomination with a sly grin on his face "It's like winning the lottery."

“One of the most gratifying things about being on a TV show is that people are inviting you into their homes every week,” he says. “They’ve made time for you in their busy lives and schedules. That’s the highest compliment.”

In 2006 Went was also a presenter for the Teen Choice Awards.

Went was a presenter at the 2006 Emmy Awards alongside Evangaline Lilly.

At long last Went was receiving the recognition he justly deserved for his hard work, dedication to his craft and for his amazing acting abilities.

He also had to attend all the functions and parties that went with the show.

The filming of Season Two began on June 15, 2006 in Dallas, Texas due to a close proximity of rural and urban settings. Executive producer Matt Olmstead stated that the filming location was changed from Chicago in the first season to Dallas in the second season because the characters were on the run. Many locations were needed to represent various American towns, which Dallas provided, whereas locations within Chicago took several hours to travel between. Olmstead noted, "It really came down to a financial thing." Other locations that were considered for filming were New Mexico, Arizona and Louisiana. Dallas was chosen because of its "resourcefulness, cost effectiveness and variety with regard to activities available for the crew", which was considered to be a major component for the final decision.  Filming took place in Dallas for nine to ten months, where 20 of the 22 episodes were shot. The series was expected to bring $50 million into the city of Dallas.  For the final three episodes of season two, filming took place in Pensacola, Florida to represent Panama. Filming for each episode took place over eight days, which contributed approximately $1.4 million to the local economy.

In my research I found this interview with Went and I found Went’s answers quite amusing.  He has such a wonderful sense of humor and has a fabulous way of describing situations that have happened to him with his fans.

In an interview with Earl Dittman he asked Went the following questions:

What do most fans usually say to you?
“It was always a positive experience. The fans are so respectful of the show, and it’s a real pleasure talking to them. What they were basically telling me, throughout the time the show was running, is that when they don’t miss an episode they’re making time for you, your story, your work and my life every week. I always considered that the highest compliment.”

How did the success of Prison Break help you out with the ladies — off the screen?
“It was a double-edged sword. Obviously, I had a calling card that works quite well in certain situations. [Laughs] I did have some strange experiences, though.”

What type of experiences, for instance?
“Well, once, I was at the mall, and a woman came up to me, very politely and very respectfully, and she wanted to take my picture, and she had her camera cell phone as they all do. She wanted to take the picture herself and so she kind of sidled up to me, and I put my arm around her and she held up her phone, but couldn’t take the picture because it was shaking like a maraca. She was that nervous, and I could feel her vibrating next to me and it was starting to make me nervous. Then, she had to ask a complete stranger to take the picture for her, and as soon the picture was taken – as soon as she had my image in camera – she stopped looking at me. She continued interacting with me, but she only looked at the image on her camera. She said good-bye to the image on her camera.”

(I thought this was very funny because I could almost picture myself in this dear lady’s position.  I've a feeling that been around Went can be very unnerving.  I love the way Went said he picked up her nervousness and he even began to get nervous himself.  Isn’t he cute?)
That must’ve been weird?
 “It really was. I can probably write an essay about the disconnection between perception of image and reality. But it was a very strange moment to stand there and realize that someone – who five seconds ago wanted nothing more than to acknowledge your work – now very much wanted the experience to be over with, because it was almost as though she couldn’t handle the real me standing there.”

(It’s your amazing presence and charm Went that has people behaving strangely.)

How stressful is it for you to be recognized all the time and to have people know who you are and to think they know things about you?
“It’s part of the business. We wanted people to watch the show. And, you want to have a large fan base, and that’s also what I saw when it comes to doing publicity, PR and getting the word out. We were talking about this on set one time, me and Dominic (Purcell), and what we determined is that they don’t pay us to act. They pay us to act as diplomats and ambassadors and politicians and publicists and all those other things that go along with being an actor on a successful TV show.”

Does the lack of privacy ever irritate or bother you?
“You know what, the fans are so respectful that they come up and ask for an autograph or a picture. The interaction is usually done and over with in about five minutes.”

Did you get, or still get, a lot of romantic emails or letters?
“I’ve gotten a few romantic letters, absolutely, which is flattering. But I also know that they have feelings, if you want to call them that, for the character that I played on TV.”

(Went I could never confuse you with your character Michael, thank goodness, [She laughs] but I can see how people could be caught up with this brave and selfless character.  He was certainly endearing, very much like you are in reality).

Did actual prison inmates, who were still incarcerated, ever send write to you?
“Yeah, I got a few letter from inmates. Apparently, a Prison Break headshot would get you a pack of smokes. [Laughs] But, the truth is that in a number of state pens they were not allowed to watch the show, because they might get encouraged to imitate it, I guess.”

Being a diplomat of sorts, as you mentioned, for the show, have you always felt a responsibility to act a particular way in your public life – like not getting into legal trouble and not being able to let loose in public?
“Well, you don’t want to embarrass yourself. So, you always might think twice about picking your nose in public.”

(Can you imagine Went doing that in public? [She laughs] I don’t think so. It must be such a strain to have the “The Evil Eye” always watching every move you make.)

 “Picking my nose in public? [Laughs] Sometimes, sometimes there is a small sacrifice in terms of anonymity and privacy, but you never know what you’re going to be asked to sacrifice until it’s already been sacrificed. There were so many pros to this job, so many perks and so many doors that it opened for me that I really can’t complain.”

(Poor Went the sacrifices he has to make. [She laughs again]).

Looking back, what did fans usually want to know about the series?
“In the first couple of seasons, they always wanted to know about my relationship to Dr. Sara. Everybody would always want to know what the deal was between Michael and Dr. Sara.”

What do you usually tell them?
“There was only so much that I could tell them. What I would say, and this is after they first escaped, is ‘While Michael is now literally free, physically free, I think that his mind and heart are back at the prison.’ If you remember, in the last two episodes of the first season, he lost both a surrogate father figure in the Warden Westmorland and fatally, perhaps, compromised his love interest. So, I’d say, ‘Mentally and emotionally, he’s still very much a prisoner.”

Throughout the series, you took several cross-country journeys. Early on, what were some of the more interesting things that you saw on your initial treks across North America?
“I stopped off in Santa Fe – which is a beautiful part of the country – and, apparently, where hippies go to die.” [Laughs]

Are you a big souvenir-buying guy? Did you pick-up a lot of nick-knacks at every new location shoot during the series run?
“No, my house would be packed with them by now if I had.”

To do a show as physically challenging as Prison Break, I imagine you had to be in good shape. Did you have a regular work-out routine?
 “My work-out routine usually involved eating less. [Laughs] That was tough when we were shooting the first season in Chicago. If you are trying to eat less, Chicago is a dangerous place to be, because the food was so good and the portions were so large, and it was difficult to establish and exercise routine while working five days a week, fourteen hours a day. When we moved to Dallas for the second season, I had a little more free time, because there are so many different storylines, and Michael wasn’t in every scene driving the plot forward. So, I actually hit the pool every once in a while, which was nice.”

Are you an avid swimmer?
“I am. I am.”

You can read the complete interview here.

Here’s another link for an interview Went did with Dish that I enjoyed reading.

Well this is where I’ll leave you.

Until then it’s… goodbye from Went and me! 

Speak to you all soon.

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