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Friday, December 30, 2011

Wentworth Miller: The Final Break for Prison Break

I’ve finally managed to compose myself after writing about the ending of the series of Prison Break in my last blog “Heartache and Heartbreak in Prison Break.”  I guess it’s time that I find the courage to continue with the last sad segment of Prison Break and give closure to a chapter of the first of Went’s many successful projects.  I’ve decided to relay the story of the “Final Break” for those who haven’t been fortunate enough to see it.  So here goes.

In the beginning of the movie we see Went’s character Michael standing on the wharf and he’s gazing at the sea.  What a wonderful sight to behold.  I remember my heart pounding with joy when I saw him, suddenly my mind started playing tricks with me and I thought wow the end of the last series was a lot of hog wash.  Michael didn’t die and I imagined seeing his tombstone.  Immediately I sat up in my chair with extra enthusiasm and interest.  I thought to myself perhaps there is going to be a twist to this series after all with a wonderful happy surprise ending. 

Michael and Sara exchange wedding vows in a romantic setting at the waters edge.  This was the scene everyone was waiting for throughout the series.  It was so beautifully filmed.  Of course Went (I mean Michael) looked so attractive that quite honestly I forgot to look how beautiful the bride, Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies.) looked. [She laughs].  When Went’s character Michael says to Sara “you look beautiful”, well my heart completely melted and I fell in love with Michael all over again. [She sighs.]   [OK … OK, I’ll pull myself together and get on with it …]

In the next scene we see everyone at the wedding reception having a wonderful time, laughing, drinking and dancing and suddenly cars pull up and men rush over interrupting the wedding reception.  They have come to arrest Sara for the murder of Christina Scofield (Kathleen Quinlan).   Poor Michael and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and all the others are helpless … their hands are tied.  [So this was the twist after all.]

Sara is incarcerated at the over crowded Miami-Dade State Penitentiary for women.   In there she meets up with Gretchen Morgan (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) who was imprisoned after the events in “The Sunshine State.”   Across the yard in the neighbouring men’s prison, “T-Bag (Robert Knepper) and General Jonathan Krantz (Leon Russom) are being held.  When General Krantz hears the news that Sara is in prison, he puts out a $100,000 bounty on Sara’s head. 

Meanwhile poor Sara gets beaten up by the Miami-Dade COs for having left the door unlocked at Fox River allowing the “Fox River Eight” to escape and the eventual dismissal or suspension of several staff members of Fox River.  She is also poisoned but gets medical treatment in the infirmary [thank goodness] that saves her life and pregnancy but she is informed by the doctor that as soon as she gives birth to the baby, she would only have 30 minutes with it before it’s taken away from her.  The only advice he could render was that she should consider being a surrogate mother to her own foetus to avoid the inevitable separation. 

Michael (Went) hears about Sara’s predicament and he is left with only one choice and that is to break her out as soon as possible.  Mike [I mean Michael] enlists his brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and Fernando Sucre (Armaury Nolasco) to help him with his scheme.  When Lincoln and Sucre are staking out the place, Gretchen Morgan sees them and blackmails Sara into including her in the escape plan.

Went [my hero] … or should I say Michael finds a fault in the security system after analysing the photographs of the prison.  Alexander Mahone (William Fitchner) arrives on the scene and offers his help.  His true intentions are unclear though as he has been reinstated with the FBI on one condition and that is he reports any incriminating evidence he can find on Michael. 

Michael cleverly comes up with an escape plan but has to relay the message in a written letter to Sara about the escape.  However, while Michael is out of his apartment FBI Agent Todd Wheatly (Chris Bruno) breaks into his apartment and discovers the plans.  Michael has to explain himself out of this one and tells the FBI Agent that he was only looking for faults at the prison, so that he could warn the prison warden (Amy Aquino) about them and by doing so he had hopes that she would grant him visitation rights to see Sara.

The visitation rights are granted, and Michael does visit Sara.  Under tight security Michael manages to subtly ask Sara if she understood the hidden message in the letter and thank goodness, she does.  Unfortunately after leaving the prison Michael finds out that Agent Wheatley also discovered the fault that he was going to use for the escape plan.  Agent Wheatley [a spoke in the wheel if you ask me] has the camera system adjusted foiling Michael’s escape plan for Sara.

Meanwhile, Sara joins the “family” of the leader of the prisoners, an inmate who goes by the name of "Daddy" (Lori Petty), in order to join the work detail and gain access to the yard.

Michael comes up with another plan and that entails to use parachutes to rescue Sara but Lincoln puts a stop to this daring plan.  This leaves Michael with one other option and that is to coerce T-Bag to help them by offering him a $5,000 reward for doing so.  Lincoln visits T-Bag to persuade him but as we all know T-Bag he demands more money, more than the brothers can provide.  Instead, since the General refused to provide any financial incentive for T-Bag's help, T-Bag tells Lincoln how he can rob the man (Richmond Arquette) holding the General's $100,000, in exchange for his help. Lincoln agrees to steal the money, and tells T-Bag to simply pull the fire alarm at the right moment. Lincoln and Sucre then proceed to rob the money holder and set up the fund transfer to T-Bag.

Gretchen Morgan comes to Sara’s aid when Sara is attacked by a fellow family member and kills Sara’s attacker.  Gretchen manages to persuade Sara to allow her to escape with her by telling Sara that she wishes to see her daughter, Emily to give her a gift.   When one of the guards tells Daddy of the death of her family member, and mentions that Sara and Gretchen are thought to be behind her killing, Daddy becomes infuriated.

Meanwhile Mahone divulges Michael’s parachute plot to Agent Wheatley [immediately I wondered how could Mahone betray Michael like that!]  Michael continues to trust Mahone and gives him a piece of paper and a DVD which he asks him to give to Sara, in the event of his death.  Michael visits Sara once more to tell her that the previous plan has been foiled and cryptically tells her of a the new plan,  which involves her getting to the chapel, that is linked to the outside via an underground connection to an administrative building.

Daddy the leader of the convicts is eventually freed from lockup and appears to stalk Sara and Gretchen.  As a decoy before the escape begins, Gretchen distracts a guard while Sara confronts Daddy for an explanation of her behaviour.  Sara purposely picks a fight with Daddy and pushes her into a brutally strong and frightening inmate (Dot Marie Jones), who instantly retaliates by attacking Daddy.  At the same time Gretchen punches a guard and knocks her to the ground, but unfortunately Gretchen gets stabbed in the leg.  Sara acts quickly while all this is going on and grabs the guard’s keys.  The two of them escape and hide in the kitchen amidst the chaos going on around them.

My man Michael begins the escape.  Meanwhile Agent Wheatley, thanks to Mahone’s misinformation, orders all the lights to be switched off and orders the armed officers to be positioned where Michael parachute is supposed to land.   As the parachute lands, it’s riddled with bullets but aha much to Agent Wheatley’s surprise it’s a dummy.  Meanwhile Michael cleverly uses this opportunity as a decoy and sneaks out from under Wheatley’s car and runs into the prison.  [Now how’s that for a brilliant plan?]

During the escape Gretchen tells Sara that she can’t continue as she is badly injured.  Gretchen insists that Sara should leave her behind but Sara [the good person she is] chooses to help Gretchen.  However, as they run to the chapel, two guards spot Gretchen. She is asked if she's alone … [at this moment time stood still for me in the movie.  I wondered if she was going to rat on poor Sara.]  Gretchen finds some goodness within her and refuses to divulge Sara's presence and stalls the guards by telling them that she only wanted to be with her daughter.  Sara is almost spotted by a guard but she manages to unlock the door to the Chapel.  At this point Gretchen is taken into custody.  Sara then notices a necklace lying on the floor.  She picks it up and realises that it’s the necklace that Gretchen made for her daughter.  Sara decides to take the necklace with the intentions of passing it on to Gretchen’s daughter out of gratitude to Gretchen for not revealing her to the guards.

Michael and Sara meet up with each other, meanwhile Sucre is supposed to transfer the money into T-Bag’s banking account but alas the bank is closed.  When T-Bag realises that the money hasn’t been transferred as promised he rats on them all revealing the plot to the warden and tells the warden that he was instructed to pull the fire alarm as a decoy.  As soon as the warden hears about the plot he instructs the guards to turn off the fire alarms.

Doesn't Went look sexy in this picture?  I wouldn't mind him helping me to escape. [She laughs.]

However, unbeknown to T-Bag he played right into Michael's plan.  Michael anticipated that T-Bag would rat on them to the warden as he knew what an evil person he was.  With the alarms off, Michael then burns through a locked door with a blowtorch and manages to force it open.  However, when Michael and Sara try to get through the next door, it’s locked electronically.  Michael anticipating this possibility from the beginning tells Sara to run as soon as the door opens and urges her to leave him behind as the only way for him to open the door is to manually cause a power surge, knowing that this would however inevitably kill him. Sara refuses to leave Michael if he can’ go with her, but he emphasizes that there is no other way, touching her stomach and saying that he will be going with her. [I remember blurting out “Don’t leave him Sara, don’t believe him. He’s going to die … whatever you do don’t let Michael do this!”]  Unfortunately, Sara couldn’t hear my cries and she runs away and turns and looks back … we see the sparks and know this was Michael’s final act of sacrifice.  Overcome with emotion, Sara is speechless and is unable to describe to Lincoln what had happened. Mahone, who purposely misled the agents, knew of Michael's plan from a previous discussion with him, and simply tells Lincoln, "He's Gone". They get into the van and drive away, still shocked over Michael's death.

T-Bag is put into solitary confinement for aiding Sara’s escape.

Mahone gives Sara the paper and the DVD that Michael left her.  The paper is a medical examination that Michael recently underwent, and it reveals that his brain tumour had returned and that his condition was terminal.  Sara and Lincoln view the DVD together on a boat.  It’s a pre-recorded message from Michael. Here's the message ….

Wipe those tears away everyone, it’s only a movie.  Went is alive and well and hopefully walking around with a huge happy smile on his face.  I know that whatever Went tackles, he's going to be enormously successful with it and that he is protected and guided at all times. [Never mind me that's just my intuition talking.] 
“Wentworth Miller is most definitely “A bright shining star.”

I would like to thank Brett Ratner for having a wonderful memory and for never forgetting Went when he auditioned for the Superman movie.  Thank goodness Mr Ratner had the good sense to arrange for Went’s audition for Michael Scofield’s character.  I couldn’t imagine any other actor portraying the “Michael Scofield” character as engaging as Wentworth did.  He was absolutely perfect for the role.  A huge thank you too, to the writers and the producers of the show.  Prison Break was a terrific series and it will always be fondly remembered.

I found these wonderful tributes that I feel would end this blog off so nicely. [She dabs her eyes for the last time.]


Last but not least I wish to thank Wentworth for entertaining us all with his amazing acting abilities, his touching performance and his total dedication and professionalism towards the series.  Went you are a superb actor and a wonderfully gifted person and I applaud you and blow you a …

The movie “The Final Break” was released in the US and Canada on the 21 July 2009 on DVD and Blu-ray.  It aired on the 27th May 2009 in the United Kingdom on Sky 1.

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