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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wentworth Miller: Going full circle in a mad Sona!

The Third Season of Prison Break started airing in the U.S. on September 17, 2007.  This Season only contained 13 episodes and was much shorter than the previous two because of the Writer's Guild Strike and concluded on February 18, 2008.

Went's character Michael Scofield was incarcerated in a Panamanian Jail, called "Pentenciaria Federal de Sona".  It was too good a name for a place that seemed a bit like "hell" in my opinion.  It was based on a real prison in Brazil where the inmates were left to get on with their own shenanigans while the prison guards only guarded the perimeter of the prison.  In this series, Sona was given a very authentic look, it really did look dark and evil I must say.  The characters were evil too and each one had their own agenda.  There were drugs, prostitutes, black markets, brutal fights, murder and theft.  I get the creeps just writing about it.  [She shudders.]  I take my hat off to the producers and writers of the show, it was very well done.  The acting of course was excellent.  All the characters of the show honestly gave powerful performances making this series in my opinion very intense and riveting to watch.  To add to the series they brought in very interesting characters too,  such as the evil witch "Susan B" played by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, the mysterious "Whistler" played by Chris Vance and the greedy gang leader with the wonderful baritone voice "Lechro" played by Robert Wisdom.

Here Went talks about how his character Michael has evolved in the story and how his character must relate to the other unsavoury characters that have been thrown into prison with him.

I couldn't find the rest of Went's interview on Youtube but in the interview he said "No one thinks about Michael Scofield as much as I do.  I've been living and breathing the character for the 44 somewhat episodes.  He comes from the writers and I feel a certain ownership to the character and a moment comes when I feel there needs tweaking here and there.  The writers have the big picture in mind;  it's my job to concentrate on the small piece of the puzzle and make sure that it fits just right with what has come before."

Wade Williams (Brad Bellick) said in an interview that the sets were made to look so realistic that it made the actors jobs easier as they didn't have to pretend they were in a prison.  William Fitchner (Alex Mahone) added that this also fed the actors creativity.

This season I believe gave Went an opportunity to showcase his acting skills.  He certainly didn't let me down.  Went really showed what a fine actor he truly is.  His emotions were so well expressed.  When his character Michael was desperate I could immediately identify with it.  When Michael was filled with despair it was wretched all over Went's face and I could almost feel his heart breaking inside of me. [She sighs.]  The dislike and contempt his character felt for the other despicable characters was also very strongly portrayed by him. Went is definitely a serious actor, he gives his all to all of his performances. 

The crew set up a prison courtyard it was a former juvenile detention centre in Dallas.  The exterior in Fort Worth was the same set where they shot Texas Walker Ranger in Dallas.  It looked like Panama and the Dallas heat reinforced the brutal environment that the characters were placed in.

The fight scenes in the courtyard were very well choreographed too.  They were so brutally realistic and were choreographed by Chuck Norris's son.

There's a scene in Season Three where Michael and Whistler attempt an escape with a helicopter.  I was shocked and horrified when I saw the behind scenes and witnessed Went and Chris actually performing their own stunts.  Thank goodness I found this out later on otherwise Went would have received a "telling off letter" from me.  [She shakes her head and mutters to herself "Sometimes Went takes his job a little too seriously for my liking."

[Laughing] I'm only kidding around.  I take my hat off to Went for being fearless and I applaud him for his nerve, bravery and dedication to his work!

I love this video as it shows Went and Chris' stunts and their playful interview together.  I call it the "Pat Interview" for an obvious reason.  Notice how Went pats his leg while his speaking so coyly.  It's so cute.

In this season Sara was written off as dead and this had Sarah Wayne Callies' fans in an uproar.  What a shock to all of her fans.  Her head was cut off and put in a box ... how gruesome.  Went gave a powerful performance when his character Michael hears the news of Sara's death.  I could almost feel his heart breaking when I saw his character crying.  Whenever Went cries I get tears in my eyes too.  He really knows how to tug at heart strings doesn't he?

"The Break Out"

“The Break Out” scene was shot in Fort De Soto State Park in Florida.  It had a beach and the jungle right next to each other which made it easier for the crew to do the shooting of the scenes.  This meant that the film equipment didn’t have to be moved around too much.  The locale also had a real sub-tropical look very similar to Panama that lent to the authenticity of the shoot.

The difficult part of shooting the scenes was the logistical challenges like the scenes in the ocean as they actually had to shoot in the water.  Logistically they had to get the equipment out on the water.  They had barges and cameras in the water.  The cameras had to be housed.  The crew had to use reflectors in the water as the lighting of the shots in the water was quite a challenge.

They would shoot for five and half hours in the water at a time.  The water was very cold but fortunately the weather held up for them to do their shooting perfectly.  The photographer in the interview commended the actors on their morale.  He said that they were fooling around and had a lot of fun while shooting this scene.
There were also the photo shoots for the promotion of Season Three.

... and of course the interviews on set ...

This interview was fabulous.  I loved Went's quick wit and answers.  I had a good giggle when I watched it.

This interview was wonderful too.  Dominic Purcell and William Fetchner comment on what a nice person Went is;  how private, shy and mysterious he is too, but then we already know that, don't we? [She winks]

I’m sure you’d all agree that Went needn’t worry about sucking at Engineering or Maths.  His other wonderful talents and qualities make up for it, don’t they?  Let’s face it no one’s perfect.  I admire Went for always being so down to earth and humble.  I think I’ve  mentioned this in every one of my blogs; it’s just that these are the qualities I cherish and admire about Went.

I hope that you found this blog interesting and that you enjoyed your stay here.  I’d like to thank every one who reads my blogs about Went.  You make me very happy inside.

I'd like to end this blog with this video.

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