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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wentworth Miller: On the run in Dallas Texas

The second season of Prison Break was an exciting season as it had car chases, romance, intrigue and suspense at every turn.  There was never a boring moment;  it definitely kept me at the edge of my seat, that’s for sure.  The wonderful acting dynamic and chemistry between Went and William Fichtner as the character Alex Mahone definitely added excitement and tension to the show as far as I’m concerned.    In some ways I actually felt quite sorry for the character Mahone even though I was routing for Went’s character Michael all the way.  I secretly hoped that these two characters would become friends along the way.

The romantic tension between the characters Sara and Michael was also very exciting, intriguing and teasing.  I think most of the romantics watching the show, were waiting in anticipation for the big moment between these two star-crossed lovers.  When it did happen, Went definitely didn’t let any of us romantics down with his acting in the kissing scene on the train. He was so unbelievably seductive, charming and romantic wasn’t he?  He had my heart pounding and my pulse rate soaring [she swoons.]  It must be very awkward to do a love scene with all the cameras on you never mind people watching and the director yelling at you to position yourself properly, especially in the heat of the moment! [she laughs and winks.]  Went if you read this I take my hat off to you and Sarah Wayne Callies.  You both acted the scene out beautifully.

I loved this tender scene between Sara and Michael too....

Robert Knepper’s performance was amazing too.  His character T-Bag became more despicable as the series went along.  Went’s scenes with him were also very powerful.  The tension and hatred between the two characters they played was so real that it had my TV set seething and doing weird things ....

The end of Season Two had me in tears of course and at the same time filled with dread for Went’s character Michael.  I remember thinking to myself “how is poor Michael, going to get out of this one.”  I couldn’t wait for Season Three to come out to see how Michael was going to manoeuvre out of this terrible predicament [between you and me it was also to see Went again, too! [wink.] Those long breaks in between the series was killing. [sigh!]


I think that the interviews of Went are far more interesting and exciting when seeing him on video apposed to reading his interviews.  Therefore from now on I’m going to be posting the videos of his interviews instead.  At least I will be offering you, my readers, a much more accurate and truthful account of Went as a person and of his work.  I don’t trust some of the information that’s put on the Internet and I would hate to mislead you in anyway.  Went deserves honesty and truth and so do you.

In the following video Went speaks about living and working in Dallas. This interview reflects how truly sweet and humble he is.  It’s very interesting to hear how Went worked his character Michael Scofield around the plot of the story as the plot was always changing and that he was given freedom to tweak his lines if he felt it was necessary for the script.

Another very interesting interview of Went about season two.

Here’s two videos of behind scenes of  Season 2 of Prison Break.

The cast fooling around on set!

Critical Reception:
Mike Duffy of the Detroit Free Press commended the premiere for delivering "rocking good entertainment," and living up to the standard set by the first season. Duffy praised the "motley crew of cellblock characters" and the "taut, ingenious storytelling of series creator Paul T. Scheuring and his staff."  Robert Bianco of USA Today commented on the "harebrained absurdities that have swamped this show", and accused the writers of being "incredibly lazy" for the continuous use of the tattoo as an "all-purpose plot fix". Ahsan Haque and Christopher Monfette of IGN credited the creators for not being afraid to take risks, which they felt "paid off for the most part". The reviewers found the biggest success factors to be "the constant swerves and twists" throughout the season, and "the development of the hero-villain relationship between Scofield and Mahone".

The addition of Mahone was well received by critics, who often referred to him as Michael's arch nemesis.
The premiere of the season obtained an average of 9.40 million American viewers, a decrease from the 10.50 million viewers who watched the series premiere, and the 10.24 million viewers who watch the first season finale. The season obtained its largest audience with the episode, "Chicago", which averaged 10.12 million viewers; however, the season finale received one of the lowest audiences in the series' history with 8.12 million viewers. The season averaged 9.30 million American viewers for all 22 episodes. Out of all regular prime time programming that aired during the 2005–2006 American television season, Prison Break ranked #51 out of #142, according to the Nielsen ratings system. In Australia, the season premiere was watched by an average of 1.22 million viewers, however ratings dropped consistently throughout the season.  In the United Kingdom, ratings declined from an average audience share of 9% in the first season to 8.5% in the second. The season's penultimate episode, "Fin Del Camino", was viewed by an average of 1.20 million viewers, gaining a 7% audience share. As a result of the declining ratings during the season, Five decided not to air the third season and it was picked up by Sky1. Prison Break was simulcast in Canada on Global, where it ranked in the top ten of the highest rated television series.

The season was nominated for five awards, winning one. Dominic Purcell won the Australian Film Institute International Award for Best Actor. Work on the episode "Disconnect" was nominated for two Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Awards. Music editor David Klotz was nominated for Best Sound Editing in Music for Television — Short Form. The supervising sound editor, along with four foley artists and four sound effects editors were nominated for Best Sound Editing in Sound Effects and Foley for Television — Short Form.  At the 2007 Teen Choice Awards, Wentworth Miller was nominated for Choice TV Actor: Drama, and Robert Knepper was nominated for Choice TV: Villain.

Went at the Producers Choice Awards

I love this interview with Amaury Nolasco, Robert Knepper, Rockmond Dunbar and Went.  It shows the camaraderie that they had with each other not to mention the fun and laughter they shared.

How’s that for their workout regime?

Here’s another wonderful interview of Wents'. Wow, Went actually acknowledged my country South Africa.  Thank you Went.

This interview of Went’s was very interesting as it gives an insight as to what he thinks about his new found fame and just how humble and down to earth he is.  I think this is just one of the many reasons why he has such a huge fan base and why his fans remain loyal to him and respect him so much. 

The Cast speaking about Season 2

Some scenes from Season 2

 A flirty and naughty Went ….

…… and of course I can’t leave out the wonderful Fox TCA Party videos that shows  how popular Went is with his fans and what a cool guy he is by giving them his autograph.

2007 was a very busy year for Went, not only was he filming Prison Break but he was also promoting a clothing line for Bean Pole in Korea plus he also appeared in the 2007 Winter issue of Germany’s GQ Style magazine.

I’m going to tackle Went’s promotional work and modelling i.e. photo shoots in separate blogs because he was also extremely busy with this side of his career.  It wouldn’t be fair to him if I was to squeeze in this section of his work with his acting.  I’d rather focus on a segment of Went’s work in each blog so that I can do him and his work justice and hopefully that’s possible.

Next up, another “Prison Break Escape” and it’s out of a place called Sona (more like hell if you ask me.)  Not a very nice place for Michael to be in at all, especially as Went had to portray and feel all of the emotions and torment that his character Michael felt whilst he was there.  Oops here I go.  I sound like  “mother hen”.  It’s just that Went brings out that protective instinct in me somehow. (I’m sure some of you can relate to what I’m saying.)  Went would probably think I’m crazy but what can I say, this is how I feel and I can’t help myself.  So Went if you happen to stumble upon this blog, please overlook my foolishness and allow me this small indulgence will you?  Thank you.

So it’s off to Sona or rather Sauna (as I like to call it) [she laughs.]  Wow this place is really sweltering hot and you know what that means?  It means a steamy, sultry, sexy, sweaty hot looking Went in the next Series and in my next blog! (Now this is the naughty side of me coming out.)

As we say in my country, S.A. “Cheers!” meaning “Goodbye!”

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