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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wentworth Miller: Billboards and Magazines.

Went’s image was plastered on billboards all over the world … and not only in Hollywood.  He even appeared on our billboards here in sunny South Africa.   Prison Break was advertised on every billboard across the highways and byways.   No wonder the accident rate increased on our roads while Prison Break was shown here. [She laughs.]  If you’re a huge fan of Wentworth’s you’ll know exactly what I’m getting at.  Picture this:  You’re cruising along the highway deep in thought, probably thinking about Went at the time, and lo and behold there he is … smack, bang, right in front of you.  His image is splashed on this huge billboard right there for you not to miss him.  I mean let’s all face it; wouldn’t you lose control?  And then as you gaze in your review mirror and see the carnage left behind you and you’re wondering to yourself  “I wonder what happened back there?” … the very next sign you come across reads … “DRIVE SAFELY!” Now isn’t that ironic? [She laughs.] Went you don’t realise what a dangerous distraction you are at times. [She shakes her head and mutters under her breath “honestly this man will be the death of me yet.”]

Went was also plastered on every magazine cover you can think of too.  He was quite the model and understandably so.  I mean his character wasn’t called “The Pretty” in Prison Break for nothing, though I much prefer to call Wentworth “The Beautiful”.  Pretty to me is far too shallow a word to describe Went, however the word beautiful has a far deeper meaning for me and Went is beautiful in every sense of the word.  Not only is he beautiful in looks, but he’s a beautiful human being too.  He has rightfully earned the respect and admiration from his fans for being such an honourable and humble person and might I add, one who has achieved so much in his life up until now.

Having said all that, it gives me great pleasure [She winks] to display his outward beauty here for you all to admire and goggle over.  Bear in mind though it’s only a peak at some of my favourite pictures from photo shoots and magazines as I’m sure you’ve all got your own albums of Went stashed all over the show.  Not to mention the pictures you have downloaded on your hard drives, backups, ipods, this pad that pad, berry’s, cell phones’ and if that’s not enough there’s even tablets to help you out. [She giggles.]  All this technology blows my mind sometimes … it’s hard to keep up with it.  I’m an old fashioned girl what can I say.  Anyway without further ado here they are for you …

L’uomo Vogue 2004

People 2005

People 2006

Own Assignment - Photographer:  Lester Cohen

Prison Break 2006

The Daily Telegraph 2006

Details 2006

Entertainment Weekly 2006

Time Out

TV Guide # 1

TV Guide # 2

Gap 2007

Axm Mag 2007

Le official homes 2007 - photographer:  Milan Vukmirovic.

Interview 2005 
GQ 2005

Yes he was in them all from Axm’s, Cosmo, Cosmo Men, People Magazine, Details, Road Show, Woman’s Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Oriental Entertainment Star’s Mag., OK Mag., etc … etc … to  MAD Magazine.  You name it, Went was in it.  MAD Magazine has always been my all time favourite Magazine and I’m so chuffed that Went made an appearance in it.  I particularly enjoyed Don Martin’s humour too. 

Just for laughs I thought I’d add this in.

Jokes aside … Went I’m proud of you.  This was an awesome achievement for you as far as I’m concerned!

Written and illustrated by The Usual Gang of Idiots

MAD slam dunks the NBA, puts Prison Break in shackles and takes a shot at Dick Cheney! MAD also spoofs Brokeback Mountain, Taco Bell, the Grammys and much more. Plus, Spy vs. Spy and the Strip Club!

MAD | 48pg. | Color/B&W | $3.99 US

Q: How does it feel to be the hottest breakout star of the biggest breakout show this season?

Wentworth: You know the best part about the whole thing? We just got spoofed in 'MAD' magazine. You don’t know what that means to me. I swore by that thing when I was a kid. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t get any better than that period!

It appears to me that Went feels the same way as I do about ‘MAD’.  That’s my boy!  Now were talking!

Well it looks like we’re on track with modelling, promoting and travelling.

Speak to you soon folks goodbye!
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