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Wentworth Earl Miller III

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wentworth Miller: A stylish man.

Went was also on the front covers of the famous GQ magazines i.e. Germany in 2007 and Italy 2008.  Here are some articles and pictures from these two magazines that I hope you’ll all enjoy.

Went in GQ Magazine Germany 2007

The Imprisoned Brother

TV show Prison Break was actor Wentworth Miller's breakout project. He moves around freely in our country - and presents the current urban fashion.


There he is in boxer shorts. A little taller (1,85 m =6'1), a little stronger (he doesn't exercise), a lot younger (35 this June) and a lot better looking (the three mile stare!) than expected. Full name: Wentworth Earl Miller III. He's trying on clothes completely undisturbed. A Marco Polo raincoat and an Armani cashmere coat are his favorites. There's no entourage or a watcher accompanying him. Pleasantly little fuss over the face of US serial TV in the last few years.

2003 was expected to be Wentworth Miller's breakout year. He finally got a coveted role, being cast in a movie with Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins. The social drama, an adaptation of a Phillip Roth novel, was called The Human Stain. Hardly anyone saw the film. As Miller recalls, "I hoped so badly that this movie would open some doors a little wider for me. But it was more like coming from an easy trot to a complete halt."

Until then he was recognized for the movie Underworld and TV guest spots on Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, ER and Dinotopia. I only knew Wentworth Miller from Mariah Carey's 2005 video 'We belong together'. The video was directed by Brett Ratner, who then hired Miller as the star of his upcoming show Prison Break. The Princeton grad surprised everyone with his MacGyver abilities in the role. The third season is currently being filmed. Prison Break is not a ratings hit only in the United States. A PR-woman confessed to me in Paris recently that she was .... [I censored the word, out of respect for Went and others] for Went. And Went talks of Korea, which he visited a month ago – panties were thrown. "It's amazing; the success the show has had there. I couldn't go out in the street alone." His face is on almost every street corner in Seoul. He's a spokes model for a jeans company and a coffee brand. But he doesn't talk about that. Just on the previous day Miller modelled for another Korean catalogue.

 Los Angeles Harbor, Went is sipping on his Peppermint Moccha Chip Frappucino and chatting about his German roots. "Miller, Müller, you know!" A wast [apologies … I don’t quite know what this word is … probably a spelling mistake, but I’ve taken it from the actual article] understatement. According to his official biography he also has African, Jamaican, English, Jewish and Indian roots – from his father's side alone. He's visited Germany before, "I toured Europe a lot of times during college with Tigertones, an a cappella singing group. Each time we visited Heidelberg. We would lay our hats on the town square and tried to earn our meal money. It would just cover beer and bratwursts. And I remember this pool where the girls could go topless. In retrospect I think that's the only reason why Heidelberg was always on our travelling schedule." Went surely wouldn't mind jumping in a pool right now. But the scorching 48˚C (118 F) and heavy winter outfits don't slow him down. And a planned five hour shoot extends to eight. He then gets into his air conditioned limousine. Wentworth Miller has to get back to his cell.

Went in GQ Italy Magazine 2008.

Wentworth Miller is looking good and stylish on the cover of the spring summer issue of the GQ Italy. He was photographed by Matthias Vriens.

Matthias Vriens McGrath got behind the lens for Wentworth Miller’s appearance on the cover of Italian GQ Style Spring Summer Edition. Not familiar with Mr. Miller? Well, if you’ve been hiding under a rock, you should know that Wentworth Miller is the star of Prison Break, a show that’s always known how to “wow” us. Unfortunately, it’s in its final season, leaving us to wonder when and where we’ll be seeing Mr. Miller next. [You can say that again … she laughs and winks… nudge, nudge.]


To sum up … I thought I’d end my blog with this appropriate You Tube video. 

We’re not finished with Went’s photo shoots everyone; there are more wonderful pictures to follow. [She winks.]

Thank you all for reading this blog.

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