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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wentworth Miller: A visit to Sydney, Australia.

It looks like someone else in the photo has become a little bit too fond of Went too.  He’s not keen on everyone peering at his mom’s picture of Went on her laptop. I’d better get on with this blog before he becomes too vicious and attacks you. [she laughs.]

If you had read my last blog about the UK I gave you a little hint that Went and me were on our way to the “Land of Oz!”.  Unfortunately for us, the wonderful wizard was no where to be found. [she sighs with disappointment.]

In Sydney, Went was very busy with interviews as usual.  Everyone wanted to know about this very fine gentleman of course and who could blame them.

Here’s a few interviews I found for you I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 27: Actor Wentworth Miller and TV personality Sophie Falkiner attend a Harbour Cruise to celebrate Foxtel’s new television deal with Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution, at the Park Hyatt on December 27, 2006 in Sydney, Australia. Miller is currently in town for a publicity tour to promote his latest series of Prison Break on Fox8. (Photo by Paul McConnell/Getty Images)

Wentworth Miller talks to Woman's Day about his family life, his recent Christmas down under, and how playing a jailbird on Prison Break has changed his opinion of criminals.

We hear you spent Christmas in Australia
I have a younger sister, Leigh, who's down here in Melbourne for a year. Her boyfriend has a scholarship. As a result, the whole family came here for the holidays.

Did your Aussie co-star on Prison Break, Dominic Purcell, give you any tips?
Dominic is a surf fiend, so everything he says about Australia comes down to the surfing. That's useless to me because I grew up in Brooklyn [New York] and it wasn't part of our culture — and I'm terrified of sharks!

What do you do when you're away from the set in Texas?
I like to go to the movies; I like to hang out with my friends from the cast. We're really close-knit. We're lucky in that we don't have the drama or alleged drama that seems to go on in other TV shows. We tend not to go to bars or clubs en masse, because it's like having a blinking neon sign over your head.

Has playing an inmate changed your opinion of jail?
My appreciation of who the men and women are behind bars has changed significantly. People would like to believe there's a world of difference between us and them and that the line is thick and distinct and clear. But the truth is, it's not … you could wind up in prison, I could wind up in prison. I see signs driving down the highway in the States and you pass a construction zone and see a sign that says if you hit a construction worker on the highway, it's 10 years in prison. So if you sneeze the wrong time, suddenly, you're behind bars.

If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be and who would you share it with? It would have to be of course with my family — my two sisters, my mother, my father. They're the core of who I am and what I am. They're the backbone of my support system, which has been invaluable as my life has transformed in the past year and a half. As far as what we'd all be eating, my mum makes a great shepherd's pie. Our version is a layer of mashed potatoes, then meat in between, then green beans and like, a tomato sauce. Then I'd wash it down with a little mint chocolate-chip ice cream, the green kind.

Your lawyer father, Wentworth, and teacher mother, Roxann,  initially weren't supportive of you being an actor. Has that changed now you're famous?
All they knew is that I was off in California, I didn't have a job, I wasn't getting out of bed in the morning at a respectful hour and I didn't have a steady pay. So they were fearful on my behalf. We do talk about the show, usually in the context of me calling up Mom and telling her it's okay for her to watch tonight's episode because I won't be losing any more toes. She gets very upset about these things.

[It baffles me that in some articles Went's mom's name is referred to as Roxann when her actual name is Joy Marie [nee Palm.]

Here’s another interview:

ONE OF Hollywood's hot young actors is escaping to Australia so he can throw a couple of shrimp on the barbie for Christmas lunch.
Wentworth Miller, the star of the hit new American TV series, Prison Break, will be spending the holiday season in Australia.
"My youngest sister is living down in Australia," Miller told AAP from the Dallas set of Prison Break.
"I thought I'd kill three birds with one stone and get down to Australia.
"I can spend some time with loved ones over the holidays, visit a place I've always wanted to visit and do a little press for the show."
Miller's sister, Leigh, is living in Melbourne for a year.
"My sister just came back from Uluru with tales of kangaroos and the beauty of the area and she has a number of other day trips planned," Miller said.
"She and her friends have been very good about organising road trips and helping me explore what Australia has to offer.
"Half of my fascination with Australia is it seems to have the largest concentration of deadly creatures in and out of the water."

Miller, 34, who was born in England but has lived most of his life in the US, has had to deal with plenty of slippery characters in Prison Break, which has become an international hit.
Miller plays an engineering wizard who attempts to break out of a Chicago prison with his brother, played by Australian actor Dominic Purcell, and a band of other crooks.

The series is aired in Australia on the Seven Network and Foxtel's FOX8.

Some of the show's biggest fans are inmates who watch Prison Break in jail.

"From what I've heard there are certain prisons where they are not allowed to watch the show because the prison is worried inmates may get the wrong idea," Miller said.
"But, in other prisons I hear inmates rearrange their work details so they can be in their cells to watch our show every week.
"I've also received a lot of requests for headshots from inmates which I understand will get them a pack of smokes or two on the black market."

The first season of the show was shot in and around Chicago, but the second season has moved to Dallas where the cast and crew have been battling nature.
Miller, while shooting in swamps and bushland, has become a victim of chiggers, a parasitic mite.

If Australians see Miller relaxing on a beach over Christmas, they should not be concerned if his legs look in bad shape.  Blame the chiggers.

"Chiggers are a bug that bites you and then burrows underneath your skin and stays there," Miller explained.
"There's no way of getting them out.
"You have to buy nail polish and cover the inflamed spot with a dab of the nail polish.
"That seals the pores of your skin, which denies the chiggers oxygen.
"They suffocate, die, eventually dissolve and disperse into your bloodstream.
"I have had about 20 of them up and down my legs.
"We were shooting out in the woods and I neglected to coat my ankles in sulphur which was the only thing that keeps them at bay.
"I went home looking like a pizza from the legs down."

Miller will likely have his legs covered when he attends a cocktail Sydney Harbour cruise on December 27 to celebrate Foxtel's new long term deal with the Hollywood studio that makes Prison Break, Rupert Murdoch's 20th Century Fox.

One of my very treasured interviews:

… and another short but sweet interview I found …

Actor Wentworth Miller has been spotted enjoying a holiday in Australia.

The star of hit show Prison Break and blockbuster movie Underworld, was seen enjoying a meal with friends in Sydney.

Miller was the star guest on a luxury cruise ship which took holidaymakers around Sydney Harbour.

During his visit, the actor took the time to stop and talk with fans, all of whom were impressed by their idol.

'He s so nice. I met him at Pancakes on the Rocks [a restaurant] in Sydney,' lucky fan Natalie told website justjared.com.

'At first I thought he might have just been a look alike but when I heard him speak I knew it was the real deal. We asked him what he was doing here and he mentioned that he was holidaying and that his sister currently lives in Melbourne.'

It is unclear how long Miller will remain in Australia for, but with his sister living in the country, the star is sure to return some time soon.


Thank you for sharing Went's wonderful visit to Australia.

It’s a goodbye from the two of us or should I say the three of us until the next time.

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