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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wentworth Miller: Bonjour Paris Jet'aime! (Part 2)

While Went was visiting Paris he did have some free time to do a little sightseeing besides his work.  From what I’ve read and learnt about Went, he enjoys visiting Flea Markets.  So that’s precisely what he did.  He took a stroll through the famous Flea Market, Marche Aux Puces of Cignancourt. [Gosh if only I could’ve been there with him.  One of my favourite past-times is to visit Flea Markets.  I love antiques as you probably can gather from my blogs.  Lucky, lucky man!]

mm what caught your eye Went?

Couldn't resist that Java Chip Frappacino or was it a Wild Sweet Orange brewed tea or perhaps even just a Half-Cap Grande Drip ...Went? [She teases.] Oops! Mind the table in front of you!

This picture of Went is so precious!

The day Went was leaving Paris he once again signed autographs for his fans and had these wonderful pictures taken of him.

So sweet!

Went was lucky I wasn't standing next to him with a pair of handcuffs.  [She laughs and winks.]

Whoa he looks cross ... could it be he had heard what I'd just said? [She giggles.]

... nope thank goodness he's smiling!

Oh my goodness!  Be still my heart ...

... these pictures are killing me! [She laughs.]

Goodbye dear Went!

Thank you for sparing your time reading about Went’s trip to Paris.  I do hope you enjoyed your stay here.

Au revoir!

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