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Wentworth Earl Miller III

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wentworth Miller: A Prestigious Presenter in Sweden.

Wentworth has been instrumental in bringing so many people together across the world in love and peace. This is truly just one of the most remarkable gifts he possesses and to add to the slogan in the above picture he's an "Absolute Delight!"

Sweden was another country that Went had on his itinerary to promote Prison Break.  Went arrived in Sweden on the 18th March 2008. 


The only things I associated Sweden with were Vikings, Abba, Vodka, Ice, and the Nobel Peace Prize .... oh and how could I possibly forget one of my favourite groups “Roxette”.  Thanks to Went's trip to Sweden I've come to learn and appreciate much more about Sweden.  What an interesting country and I wish to add a beautiful one too.

Amazing Architecture.

Ice! [She laughs.]

Handcrafted Dalarna Wooden Horses.

For more information about Sweden follow these links below:

Now that you’ve had a tour of Sweden let’s continue with our man Went and with what he got up to in Sweden.

Went was a prestigious presenter at the Aftonbladet TV Awards.

Never mind winning the award but simply having it being presented to you by Went, is an honour in itself.   I bet that's an award she'll treasure forever!

Here are some of the wonderful pictures from the Awards:

A wonderful collage of pictures of Went!

Went looks absolutely adorable wearing his glasses!

Went looks so happy for her!

Yes!  Went knows that feeling of winning an award!

Much too close for comfort for my liking,
 Wentworth Earl Miller III!
[She warns as she wags her finger.]

Went also accepted the Peoples Choice Award on behalf of Prison Break, for being voted The Best Foreign TV Show.

Pictures of Went with the Big Wheel! 

I love Went's expression in this picture below ... it's so cute!

Went at the "Cafe Opera" in Stockholm.

The following interview is one of my personal favourites too.

mm mm .... Oh! Are you still there?  Please forgive me I forgot where I was for a moment after watching the video. Went's voice has an effect on me and he always takes me to "Never Neverland". 

What an eloquent speaker he is!

This was an interview conducted by TV2. 

Yes, Went has had some very strange interviews and this one is no exception.  I had to laugh at Went's expression and his humour at the end of the video!  Listen to his mischievous laugh right at the end too. 

I admire Went for looking out for his family's security and privacy.

To end my blog I've added one of my favourite songs from ABBA that I hope you'll all enjoy!

... and this one by Roxette.  The words are so good and the video is so lovely ... it's also one of my favourites too!

“Hej då,”

A short note from me:

[Malicious gossip and rumours have an everlasting effect on everyone!  It's such a pity that people don't think before they start them!  It not only affects the other person but it  has a rippling effect and affects those dear to them.  Whatever malicious intent one does to another,  it always comes back to that person!  If people don't have anything positive or valuable to say, they shouldn't say anything at all and the ones who listen to such gossip and elaborate on them and spread them around, are just as foolish and guilty as those who started them in the first place.]

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