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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wentworth Miller: Serenades and Woo's Korea! (Part 2)

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this segment of Went in Korea, Went also attended the Bean Pole Jeans Conference at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.  There were hoards of Press there to take pictures of him and pose their questions to him.  Excitement filled the room as the crowd waited for him to come on to the stage.  The theme from Prison Break was played as lights were flashing onto the stage almost giving a sense of a “James Bond” atmosphere.  Tension filled the air as everyone waited with baited breath for him to appear and then suddenly there he was, striding onto the stage in that wonderful fashion of his.  Smooth, casual, confident, sexy, hot … [gosh I’d better stop in my tracks.  I’m getting slightly carried away as I’m typing this … She pulls herself together and giggles.]  The crowd went wild.  There was cheering with the understandable crying and fainting in the background … [She laughs.]  He was asked to pose for photos and what awesome pictures they were.  He looked wonderful as he stood smiling at the crowd, and then as he turned to walk back to take a seat, I fell off my chair watching the video footage ‘cause my heart was racing, I was screaming, crying and fainting too … I got caught up in the moment.  [She swoons and then bursts out laughing at her silliness.]

To give you a sense of the atmosphere I’ve just described, I’ve posted this first video for you.  Please note some of the footage is of a slight poor quality.  Some segments have been repeated in the other videos following this one too, unfortunately that is how they have been uploaded on You Tube but as I always say to myself, “who gives a damn!”  It doesn’t matter how many times I review Went’s interviews or of what quality they’re in, he captivates me every time and I’m so grateful that they’re there for me to see.

Please indulge yourselves everyone!

I find that it’s interesting to see the places that Went visits as we both have the same interests and it gives me the opportunity to travel with him to see these wonderful places.  It’s almost like viewing these places through his eyes.  I wish to share the following links with you for your perusal of the Secret Garden at the Royal Palace, that Went refers to in the video.

Went always captures my heart when he refers to his family in such a loving and caring way.  The comment he makes in the video about his eyes reminding him of his grandmother's eyes reflecting back at him, giving him comfort and strength, is so beautiful.  That beauty inside of him, shines in those eyes of his.  Went, your grandmother's heart must be just as beautiful as yours then, and I'm sure she loves you so dearly too.
When asked, “What other Korean words do you know beside hello and thank you?”, Went replies “I love you?” (saronghapinda).  He then learns to speak a Korean phrase, saying “more than precious” in Korean. And he is more than precious that's for sure!  Please forgive me if I seem gushy to you but this is precisely how I feel towards Went ... I believe in saying exactly what I think and feel.

The Went stride!

Hello Went!

I love that friendly smile and wave and particularly "The Palm" it looks so familiar to me. 

"Right back at ya!"

Speak louder oh precious one!

Hug me tight ... er!

The gentle handshake!

[Her heart beats faster ....

... and then she faints ...]

Man oh man that beautiful smile!

If anyone can make drinking out of a bottle look thirst quenchingly sexy, Went can!

I couldn't resist this one too!

So Cute!

[She swoons and faints once again ...]

A wonderful laugh and such a sweet picture!

From my heart to yours!

Goodbye Went!

 Now here's an interview that I thought was quite funny and bewildering and I got the feeling Went thought so too! 

Wasn't it cute when the two ladies look into his eyes and both of them faint?  Well that would probably be me. [She laughs and winks.]

When Went left Korea, he was spotted at the airport, taking pictures of his fans with  a disposable camera as he waved goodbye to them. [Went does the most charming things doesn’t he? What a precious soul he is.]

Later that year Went also did the Winter collection for Bean Pole Jeans.

Thank you all for sharing this adventure with Went and me.  We’ll continue with our World Wide tour in the following blogs.

Annyonghi kyesayo (Goodbye)!

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