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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wentworth Miller: Bravo Wentworth Receives Otto Awards!

There’s no better way than to travel around the world with Went. The only thing is I have to travel with him in my dreams [She sighs.] When I researched Went’s visit to Germany, my daydreaming got the better of me.

Went, left LAX on May 3, 2008 for Germany in the company of his entourage and as you can see from the one photo it appears that someone is feeling a "tiny bit" left out. [She sniffs, feeling sorry for herself.]

This is the photo I mentioned ... don't blink or you'll miss me.
Yes that's little ol' me ...  bags packed ... and eager to go.
Yes right there ... in the middle ... playing second fiddle.

It was a nine hour flight to Munich.

[In my dream Went spent most of his time fiddling with his iPod while staring into it catching up with the various TV shows he loves to watch.  He was munching away on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that he managed to smuggle onto the plane in his North Star backpack and sipped on a Frappé to wash it all down. My goodness this man has an appetite, I thought to myself, ‘cause before that he had just finished eating his main course of Shepherds Pie and after that he had finished off a whole box of Oreos. (She says with a shocked look on her face.)

Yes sadly, not much conversation went on during the flight unfortunately, but then as we all know, Went is a quiet man, and he really does need his own space and privacy. Quite honestly, I didn’t mind that in the least as I respect and love these endearing traits about him.  Anyway besides, I was just so happy to tag along for the ride in my dream. (She laughs and winks). I was also so excited about the trip and the Awards that he was going to be honoured with at the Bravo Super Show.  (She looks around her to check that Went and the others don’t overhear her (as if they could) then she places her index finger to her lips and whispers …) “Shhh … just between you and me these were the famous Golden Otto Awards for the “Shooting Star” and a Silver award for “Best Male TV Star”.  (She gleams with pride; her heart smiling and pounding. Instantly she feels a flutter of excitement inside of her belly and her heart races as she anticipates the warm welcome Went's going to receive as soon as he arrives in Munich.) 

Went is also going to be busy promoting the DVD for the Second Season of the Series for Prison Break too and you know what that means?  Yeah ... more wonderful pictures of him. (She grins.)]

These are links for you to follow if you so choose to whip up a storm and relish in Went’s delights and comforts.

Went on the Red Carpet at the Bravo Awards and what a welcome he received. 

There's just something about Went arriving in a car and climbing out of it that excites me ...
 weird ... but true.

So sweet ...

... and lovely...

scrumptious ...

... and delightful!

... and once again ...
'cause the sight of him holding an award in his hands is absolutely wonderful.
 I love his laugh at the end don't you?
YES ... BRAVO ...


What a lovely photo!
I'd love to wipe his face too ... [She sighs.]

... and afterwards with this fans ...

I love this song "It's a Beautiful Day." by U2.
A fitting song for the occassion.

Went stayed at the luxurious Bayerisher Hof Hotel in Munich. 

Interviews I came across during my research.  Once again I tried my best to translate them into readable contexts but at the same time I tried to maintain the authenticity of them as well.

"Prison Break" star Wentworth Miller in an interview 
“For my love I would die”

07.05.2008  - 10:25 Uhr Von Ozlem EVANS

At the noble hotel "Bayerischer Hof" in Munich: Wentworth Miller sits casually leaning back on the couch in suite 725 (1951 € a night).

Suite 725

A few years ago he was completely unknown.  Since 2005 Wentworth has acted in the TV series "Prison Break" - and now enjoys the status as a Hollywood  star.  BILD.de met the heartthrob for an interview.

His name is a tongue twister.  His pictures should appear on the Chan Circle Pbase.  At this year's "Bravo Super Show" last weekend, Wentworth Miller received the "Golden Otto" as a "shooting star".  Even pop icon Mariah Carey hired him for two of her music videos ("It's Like That" and "We Belong Together").

But the role that changed his life is the character he plays in the TV series "Prison Break".  A mysterious young man, who faces danger in order to save his brother from the death penalty.

In real life, the 36-year-old is a charming gentleman.

BILD.de:  What’s it like being a sex symbol?

Wentworth Miller (laughs): "I didn’t see that coming! I thought that Dominic Purcell (who plays his brother Lincoln, editor's note) would be the series-Adonis. But my character is on a noble mission, Michael, wants to save his brother's life. I think that is why he gets so good. "

BILD.de: Would you be as brave in real life?

"I would die for my love, no question. I don’t mean that I’d be as resourceful as he is”.

and another …

Bravo magazine No. 21/2008

Exclusive! Wentworth Miller

A true Hollywood-Star in Germany – BRAVO makes it possible. No matter where “Prison Break”-Star Wentworth Miller (35) went, the fan crowds were huge. And the excitement was mutual: Wenty was hot in Germany – Love at first sight. He took time off for pictures and signatures. He also showed his best features for the exclusive photo shooting for BRAVO. Cool posing, his steel blue eyes – a real star. This was apparent in the interview too: he talks completely relaxed about his future plans, his love for the German fans and reveals, why he likes German food so much. No airs and graces or diva behaviour. Wentworth Miller, a star to touch….

Bravo:  You took a nine hour flight from LA to Munich for Bravo and your fans.  How did you pass the time on the plane?

WM: My iPod has to be with me. I loaded it with the 3rd season of “The Closer” before the trip. I watched several episodes. This is my favourite way to watch a series. I don’t like to watch bit for bit on TV, but I prefer to buy the DVDs and watch, “Law & Order” for example, for a whole weekend.

There's those boots again ... just luv 'em!

Bravo:  This is probably how your fans watch “Prison Break” …

WM: I totally understand. Our show is created with lots of cliff hangers, so you don’t know what happens next. I don’t know how you can wait seven days for the next episode. I couldn’t do that. I would be too tantalized (?).

Bravo: The German fans have to wait until fall until Season 3 is broadcast. What’s going to happen?

WM: My character Michael Scofield is back behind bars. Only this time, the situation is completely different for him, ‘cause he’s got no plan, no tattoo – nothing he can count on! Not even his brother is by his side. And it’s going to be real tough since there are no rules in this prison in Panama. “Kill or be killed” is the strategy to survive. There are some new characters who you don’t know and you don’t know what they want. It’s going to be exciting, I can promise that!

Bravo: There’s talk that the fourth season might be the last….

WM: We will continue as long as the plots are good and as long we have fans who want to watch the show. In the US the show’s success is only mediocre whereas in other countries such as Germany the quotas (?) are amazing. Well, as long as people tune in, we will go on.

Bravo: You have been to other European countries recently like Italy and Sweden. Are the German fans in any way special?

WM: Everywhere my fans are very friendly and enthusiastic. They are all the same. But what I appreciated about the BRAVO Super show was the extreme closeness to the fans. I think it’s great that Bravo involves them in such an event. That’s why it is important to me to spend as much time as possible with them and give autographs. They deserve it.

Bravo: You went out for some German food. What did you like the most?

WM: I tried all kinds of dishes, like Schnitzel and Bavarian veal sausage and everything. But I really enjoyed strudels. I love desserts (laughs). A lukewarm (?) strudel topped with ice-cream…. I could have this every day… [a man after my own heart … so could I Went. [mm mm.]

Bravo: Do you speak German?

WM: Hm, not really. (says in German) Bitte, danke, guten Tag, auf Wiedersehen. (Back in English) When I received my Golden Bravo Otto for “Shooting-Star”, I yelled some German words towards the fans.

Bravo: Why don’t you stay a little bit longer and learn German?

WM: (laughs) I’d like to, but I have to get back to work soon, the next season of PB starts shooting. I’ve had a long break because of the writers’ strike. During that time I tried to see my friends and family as often as possible. They have been missing out on me, because the previous seasons were shot in Chicago and Dallas.

Bravo: But now it was worth coming! You won the Golden Otto for “Shooting Star” and Silver for “Best male TV-Star”. What are you going to do with your trophies?

WM: I’ll make room for them on my bookshelves right next to my favourite books. I’m going to move into a new apartment in Los Angeles soon and I will display the Bravo-Ottos for everyone to see. Probably at each end of a shelf, so everyone can see them!

Bravo: Next to what other trophies?

WM: It’s the first time I’ve really won something. The Ottos are the first prizes I can hold in my own hands. Wow, they’re quite heavy! Great, those little Indians, I’m gonna polish them everyday! (laughs and says in German) Danke!

My name ... "Polished Golden Otto by Big Man"

Me ... "Forgotten unpolished Golden Otto by Big Man"

Wow I’d love to see Went polishing his little Indians wouldn’t you? [She bursts out laughing and then winks.  My goodness Went says the cutest and funniest things at times.]

Bravo: What do those prizes for your work mean to you?

WM: I’m not someone who is doing this job to gain prizes. It’s a great thing but it’s not why I became an actor. I like to tell stories. But those trophies are the icing on the cake. It’s a great feeling to know your work is cherished. And it is especially exciting, since BRAVO has such a long history. It is nice to rank in a long list of stars who won Bravo Ottos already – musicians and actors to go back until James Dean in the 50s. This is something very special!

Bravo: So overall, your visit to Germany was successful! What have you been looking forward to the most?

WM: I’m always excited to go to a foreign country!  Every time! I’m happy to meet other artists. I’ve heard there are great rappers in Germany. I know, that Azad performed the “Prison Break” anthem – ich glaub an dich (I believe in you)”, the title song to our show.

Bravo: If the fans nominate you again next year – will you come?

WM: By all means! I was welcomed so heartily and had a great time with the German fans…

Credit bohemianrhapsody Excommunicated

I hope you enjoyed my little daydream and found Went’s trip to Germany as exciting as I did.  Thank you and just a little reminder  to you as Went would say ... "Be Good!"

Auf Wiedersehen!
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