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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wentworth Miller: ME & CITY, China's Boy! (Part 1)

In 2008 on Thursday the 16th October at the Pudong International Airport a lot of excitement was going on.  Huge crowds of fans and reporters with their camera crews had arrived to welcome a very distinguished guest.  Flashbulbs were charged waiting for that one click of a button to light them up.  Yes everything and everyone was waiting with excited anticipation for this special person to make an appearance at the Arrivals Terminal.  Suddenly shouts and screams of  “I LOVE YOU WENTWORTH … I LOVE YOU MICHAEL … I LOVE YOU MILLER!” filled the air.  People scrambled and scurried from every direction towards the man who had suddenly appeared in the doorway.  He was tall, dark and handsome and walked with an air of grace and confidence that immediately caught everyone’s attention.  The Chinese people were enthralled that this esteemed man had finally arrived in their country. Yes this man had moved millions of hearts with his wonderful charm and unforgettable acting performances!  And there he was, Mr Wentworth Earl Miller III, the remarkable and unforgettable actor from Prison Break.

Hello China

So lovely to see you!

His name “Wentworth” is more fondly known to the Chinese people as Wenshuai or Mishuai, meaning “handsome.”  And “handsome” he was.  He wore a black trench coat with black pants and hid behind Ray Ban sunglasses which only added to his mysterious persona even more.  Even though he was surrounded with bodyguards he greeted everyone with an open heart and conveyed warmth and friendliness to all of his adoring fans.  He even managed to shake a few hands as he passed them by.  

Such a wonderful picture of Went ... it lifts my heart!

That lovely smile ...

... and mischievous grin!

Here are a few photos of Went arriving at the Pudong Hotel.

Went had arrived in Shanghai, China to promote the brand “Me & City” in collaboration with a clothing company Meters/bowne.   His visit to China only lasted four days, but in those few days he accomplished so much.  He attended photo shoots, press conferences and was the honoured guest at the grand opening of  Me & City.  He even managed to squeeze in some sightseeing in Beijing, visiting the Great Wall of China and the Imperial Palace.

The Brazilian supermodel Bruna Tenorio, modelled with Went in the photo shoots for Me & City. 
"Actually I like watching 'Prison Break' too," says a laughing Tenorio who admits to being surprised by the passion of Chinese fans for Miller. "He is a very nice guy and I was glad to work with him."

Born in Brazil in 1989, Tenorio has half Asian (Chinese and Japanese) and half Brazilian origins. Known for her striking beauty, charming eyes and unique walk, Tenorio became popular almost overnight at the age of just 15.

 What a wonderful sight to see!

As China has played a huge part in Went’s life so far, I shall be covering his China tours in sections to hopefully showcase a lot of his interviews and photos.  I'm going to do my utmost best to cover all of Went’s wonderful collaborations with Me & City and Chevy Cruz and hopefully I'll succeed in doing them justice.


I wish to end this blog with this particular video as it's also one of my favourites.  It's just a preview of what's to follow and to wet your appetites.  BE WARNED!  This video may however, leave you with side effects.  It  could possibly leave you all romantically dreamy and have your  precious hearts a racing, a thumping and a bumping, or perhaps even bursting with love and joy but let’s face it, when you’re a fan of Went’s these symptoms will occur. I assure you that they are perfectly normal.  [Actually I wish someone had warned me before I fell prey to Mr Miller's charms but now unfortunately it’s too late for me, as I’m a hopeless case  and a slave to love you see … she sighs ... and then suddenly bursts out laughing at her madness.]  

It’s a fond farewell from me and a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!

 God bless you!
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