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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wentworth Miller: ME & CITY, China's Boy (Part 3)

On day two of Went's visit in Shanghai, Went was photographed ferrying around the lake in a rubber dinghy at Central Park in Pudong at the ME & CITY clothing store waving to his fans.

We can only thank the lucky stars that he was on the lake and not treading water.  All I know is during my research of this segment I’ve come to have an appreciation for life jackets and I guess Went has too. First of all I never realised that a man could look so attractive wearing one. Secondly, talk about going overboard!  If "the precious cargo" (Went), had taken a nose dive overboard, the organisers of ME & CITY would've been in deep water or rather hot water that’s for sure!  [She wags her finger.] Thank goodness every thing panned out just fine and no mishaps had occured 'cause if they had, I can assure you that whatever explanations the organisers could have offerered at the time,  sure wouldn’t have held water with me. [She frowns.] However, I must hand it to the organizers they were riding the crest of a wave and managed to sail through everything without any hiccups.

In the afternoon Went found himself on a slow boat in China.  The photographer took these amazing pictures of him.  Thank goodness Went doesn't suffer from sea sickness 'cause this day could have been a complete wash out.  [She laughs.]  If you catch my drift.


That evening at the Grand Opening Ceremony of ME & CITY, Went was skippered once again around the lake in the same rubber dinghy and this time the skipper was wearing a frog suit and our precious cargo (Went) had none.  Not even the life jacket. [She shakes her head and taps her foot.] I don't know honestly!

 What’s with these people and their rubber dinghys and boats and why did they have just one oar in the water?  Haven’t they heard of keeping your feet on the ground … all safe and sound instead of having a flight of fancy?  Talk about keeping abreast of things.  I realise that they wanted to show off Went but this was really testing the water with me even though Went enjoys swimming and is like a duck to water

Don’t they know that they can spend money like water hiring these boats and they can lead a horse to water, but they can’t make it drink?  They were pretty fortunate that Went does enjoy a swim now and again and that he is of the first water, otherwise they sure would’ve had a whale of a problem on their hands. Thank goodness he managed to keep his head above water even though he had to go through hell and high water to do so.  I’m so pleased that it’s all over and that it’s water under the bridge for some.  It took me a little longer than most to get over these water sport joy rides Went, went on (no pun intended) for this occasion.

I have come to terms with all of this finally and now I can honestly say that it’s water off a ducks back for me. [Gee whiz I wonder where all this water came from.  She asks herself … drying herself off vigorously with a towel and suddenly she sees the funny side of it  all and bursts out laughing.]

What a wonderful occassion and such a lovely man!
Thank you for reading my blog  and please note that I've written this blog in jest please don't take it seriously.

Before I say cheerio to you I'd like to  send this blessing to each one of you!

"May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back.  May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields.  And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand."

~Irish Blessing~


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