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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wentworth Miller: Chevy Cruze Commercial China - March 2009

Went was contracted by General Motors - China to promote and be the brand's Ambassador for Korea's new C-Segment for Chevy Cruze.  A very ingenious tactic on their part if you ask me. [She nods her head with approval.]
Went arrived at the Pudong airport in Shanghai, China on the 16th March 2009.

Went looked wonderful!  [Goodness me he knocks the socks right off of my feet!]

He was  wearing a black coat, a white shirt and black trousers and to add to his ensemble, he adorned two-toned sunglasses to shield his beautiful sensitive eyes from the glare of the light(s). 

Went was met by his adoring fans and greeted them  in return with his usual warm friendly smile.  He walked with determination and confidence.   In his fashion he took long sleek strides, while waving to all of his fans.  He was surrounded by security and was driven away in a "Red Chevy Cruze Sedan".  [As I was writing this for some silly reason the tune "Baby You Can Drive My Car" by The Beatles, came to mind.]


"Wow, Went sure takes big steps!  I’d have to take a million steps to keep up with him." [She pants, feeling rather breathless.  Perhaps the breathlessness that's overcome her isn't that Went walks so fast after all, but it's more than likely watching him in these videos!"  She frowns, rather concerned at the effect Went has on her.]

They shot the Chevy Cruze Commercial, the following day (17th March 2009). 

The Chevy Cruze Commercial.

[Went is a man with a mission that's for sure!]

… after the filming of the  Commercial,  Went attended a Press Conference .

[It’s always a pleasure to listen to Went's interviews.  He speaks with sincerity and is always practical.  His eloquence and intelligence is very refreshing and captivating.] 

It has been an absolute delight sharing this event with you.

Thank you for your precious time.

Goodbye for now and take care!

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