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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wentworth Miller: ME & CITY, China's Boy (Part 5)

Went had accomplished his mission in Shanghai (October, 2008).  He had attended to the pomp and ceremony for ME & CITY.  He hopped on a plane and headed for Beijing in China, formerly known as Peking, to continue with his promotion work for ME & CITY.


I’m not as fortunate as some who have had the opportunity to travel; that being said, these travels of Went’s have really been an adventure for me as I've learned so much about these wonderful countries.

I’ve always had a fascination with the Far East and its history, architecture, religion, philosophy, culture and artwork and my research about China has really been exhilarating, not to mention distracting too.  I’ve found myself sitting at the computer for hours on end, Googling away and getting caught up with the intrigue of this amazing country’s history and its culture, not to mention its beautiful architecture and art. At times I’ve found myself experiencing a sweet reverie about this beautiful country.

I've uploaded clips of Went’s interviews during his stay in Beijing, China that I hope you will find interesting and enjoyable.

[What!  Peking Duck or any other duck!  I'd hate to imagine that the exquisite Mandarin Ducks that I have swimming in my pond at home, could ever be placed in an oven and served as some one's dinner...  Yep!  It would definitely be too hard for me to swallow!  She cries choking back the tears.]

[Went's childhood memory is so sweet.  I can picture Went as a baby lying in his crib, cooing and gurgling to himself, and as soon as he sees his mom in the doorway, he waves to her with a huge big smile on his cute little face.  They say practice makes perfect ....  she laughs.]

... continuing with Went’s interviews with the press for ME & CITY.

[I admire Went's answer to the question, "What's the best gift he has ever received?"]

Having wrapped that up Went met with Chinese fans and signed autographs, received gifts from them and did this wonderful interview for Mtime.

... various other photos of Went in China.

Went visited the National Grand Theatre where he had photos taken of him against the dramatic theatrical ambiance. 

Finally, when all was said and done, Went managed to do a little sightseeing.  He visited the Great Wall of China and The Royal Palace at the Forbidden City.

Went said goodbye to this amazing country and headed back home ... 

Those foo dogs Went admires so much.  I wonder if they ever made it to California!

Too many hugs on these trips Went,  if you ask me! [She frowns ...]

Went wasn’t finished with ME & CITY just yet.

As we say in South Africa … “Cheers, Salani Kahle or Totsiens!” (Goodbye).  Actually there’s a million different ways of saying “Goodbye” in SA.  These are the most common ones and of course the most courteous ones too.  [She laughs.]

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