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Monday, April 23, 2012

Wentworth Miller: A visit to Japan.

Revisiting the past …

Went and his entourage flew to Japan on, December 16th, 2008.  His mission was to promote the DVD release of the Fourth Season of the TV drama series Prison Break.  

According to reports there were about 500 excited fans at the Narita Airport in Tokyo to meet him.  As expected ...  a lot of screaming, shouting, crying and fainting going on once again.  Goodness me in my imagination Went seems to invoke a lot of mixed emotions. Talk about opening the heart chakra, he certainly knows how to get it open and spinning fast.   [She giggles.]  Oops! In case you don't know what chakras are please visit my blog "Debra's Loft for Inspiration" or follow the link below.

Love Clip Art

I must admit the name of the video below had me a wee bit confused.
 The video is taken of Went arriving at the Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan in 2008.

The following day, (17 December 2008), Went attended a press conference at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo.  


and other interviews followed:

Went was photographed arriving at LAX from Japan on the 20th December 2008.

She has to be the "luckiest lady" in the world!

Thank you all for reading.  God bless you and take care!

Sayonara!  さようなら
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