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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wentworth Miller: The Luyu date in Beijing, China - 2009

To recap.   Went had arrived in Shanghai, China on 18th April 2009 to attend Chevy Night and what a night it was.  The day after the event, Went and his entourage caught a flight out to Beijing, China.

I’m not quite sure if Went was arriving or leaving but I found these awesome pictures of him at the airport in Beijing.

I love this picture of Went sitting on his own ... it's so special and moving.

Went was visiting Beijing for the second time and this time he appeared on the Luyu Chinese Television Talk Show on the 20th April 2009.  Follow the links below for a little bit of information about the TV host and her programme.

What a pity Oprah never took the opportunity to interview Went.  If I were in her shoes I’d be kicking myself every day for missing out on speaking to this very intellectual and interesting man. [This is just my opinion anyway.]

The date with Luyu turned out to be some date that’s for sure.  Went looked wonderful.  He was so relaxed and open in this interview.  He spoke about growing up, his family and education, about his working career and aspirations and his singing with the Princeton Tigertones.  He also talked about his character "Michael" in Prison Break.  Went also expressed his admiration and gratitude to his folks for their support. 

Whenever Went speaks about his family and growing up it somehow reminds me of my own upbringing and so this particular segment of the interview has a very special place in my heart.  It was definitely a highlight for me and touched me deeply.  It also showcased what a wonderful human being Went truly is and what a warm, loving and caring family he has.

I'd like to add that this particular interview is a  pleasure filled with treasure and locked away in my heart forever.  So dear Went if you do stumble upon this blog I wish to thank you for this wonderful interview and for sharing this special part of your life with us.

After this event it seems Went even had a bit of free time on his hands to do some sightseeing. 
These lovely pictures of him wearing his bucket hat were taken at the Great Wall of China.

So sweet!
Well I do hope you had a wonderful time here and once again thank you for sharing this date with Went.

Until next time it’s Goodbye from me!

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