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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wentworth Miller: A Man Who Wears Many Hats!

I thought that this was an apt title for Went after all he is a man of many talents and does adorn many hats.

Now you’re probably wondering what other talents Went  has besides being an English Major, an artist and cartoonist, a model, a singer,  a successful screen writer, an actor on stage, film and television, then you definitely should read my blogs about this multi-talented man. 

Besides Went being a romantic at heart he did do judo and track at school and I bet my bottom dollar that he was successful at this too.  Speak about an overachiever at school … he also worked on the senior yearbook, a student literary magazine and the Quaker Quill newspaper (a journalist). He was also a member of the chorus in the school’s production of Lil’ Abner.

I thought I’d make it simple and link you to these blogs to get you started so that you can catch up on a few of Went’s talents.


Somehow Went’s ties to Princeton are extremely strong as a couple of months ago this video with his narrative for "Extreme Visions" was on the Internet. 

Remember the Princeton Tigertones? 

 One could even call him a Music Conductor.

The Princeton Tigertones had to wear boaters well perhaps Went's singing talent gave him a taste to wear hats later on in his daily life.  The only peculiar thing is in one of his photos with the Tigertones he was one of the few who wasn’t wearing a boater … strange but true.

I have a feeling Went can tickle the ivories on the piano too, as I read that his mother was allegedly a piano teacher for a period.  Let’s face it he does have those long tapering fingers to play those wide chords doesn’t he?

Could it be that he actually played the piano in the ad for the Korean French Café Ad?

I’ve tried watching the video in slow motion but alas your guess is as good as mine.  I dare say it’s wonderful to dream on and perhaps this is a talent of his we are yet to witness. 
May I remind you that Went is even an amateur boxer?  Do you recall the time he trained for a couple of months as a boxer for his part in “The Human Stain?”

Now it may seem to you that I’m getting slightly carried away but what about some of the stunts Went did himself in Prison Break?  Surely we could call him a Stuntman too?  Remember this … it almost gave me heart failure watching it.

Went has mentioned in one of his interviews that he was “never quite as clever “as his character Michael Scofield in Prison Break, but I beg to differ with him.  Michael Scofield may have been good at maths and he may have had an Engineering Degree, freed his brother out of jail and exposed the Government conspiracy and brought down “The Company”, but I wonder if he would have been capable of wearing all the hats that Went does in real life.   Unfortunately for us we will never ever know as Michael Scofield is dead and buried in some make believe graveyard out there.  [She laughs.]

Getting back to hats, Went also knows how to wear hats in his daily life.  You know the material kind.  I’d like to mention that he looks damn fine in them too!

I wonder what other talents Went has placed under his hat?   Ah! Well we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we?

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