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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wentworth Miller: A 40th Birthday Dinner Invitation to Wentworth Miller - 02/06/2012.

Dearest Went,
As I can’t be with you in person on this special day I’m giving you a call to invite you to a dinner date here on my blog to celebrate your 40th birthday. 

The dress  code is casual.   I want you to feel completely at ease and comfortable. [She smiles.]

From what I’ve heard you’re not much of a party animal and to be quite honest neither am I.   I’ve taken the liberty of planning an intimate party just for the two of us.  I hope you don’t mind. [She says coyly as her cheeks turn a bright shade of pink].
I’ve been slogging and slaving over the stove and I’ve cooked up quite a storm for you.  You know what they say "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."  I do  hope you have a huge appetite ‘cause if you don’t, you’ll know all about it from me. [She warns, wagging her finger.] That means no snacking before hand for you dear sir.  

I confess that I did however manage to have a couple of breaks in between my slogging and slaving  just to catch my breath. [She sighs wiping her brow.]

 I must warn you that there will be no Peking duck served at our dinner table as I feel you’ve had enough of your fair share during your travels to the far east.  Besides, my ornamental ducks swimming around in my pond would most definitely take offense to the two of us gulping down one of their cousins for dinner.  [She laughs.]
There is nothing more wonderful than to listen to beautiful music and ‘cause I’m a romantic at heart I chose this type of music to set the mood.  I can only hope it doesn’t put you in a meditative state.
I should talk … I seem to have the same problem as you do when I hear good music. [She sighs.]  My goodness I can picture you and me sitting in silence in our lotus positions chanting AUM.  [She laughs.]
Went I thought I’d offer you a cocktail to relax you.  I’m not sure if one or two would do the trick so I’ve made sure that the bar is fully stocked.

I’m not one who drinks alcohol, but because it’s your birthday I’ll make an exception.  I just hope that the cocktail drink I share with you doesn’t make me sleepy and that you have to put me to bed before our dinner is served.  [She frowns.]  What a pity that would be 'cause I have so much to talk to you about and I would be terribly disappointed if I missed out on this wonderful evening with you.

I’ve made sure that whatever wines you enjoy would be readily available for you.  The choice is yours.

Well now that the beverages are sorted I guess you’re interested to know what’s on the menu.

For starters the appetisers

The Main Course:
Barbequed Steak Wraps
Shrimp, clams, Scallops & Lobster over linguini

Shepherd's Pie

Roast Beef & Vegetables
Hot Peri Peri Flame Grilled Portuguese Chicken, Chips & Salad

Deep dish pizza

A meal is not a meal without some scrumptious desserts served afterwards.  You may have whatever tickles your fancy of course. [She teases.]

Peach Bread Pudding in syrup served with a spoonful of fresh cream or custard.

Fresh Fruit Salad & Strawberry Syrup Ice Cream

Warm Nectarine Crepes
Strawberry heart shaped Twinkies

Afterwards a delicious hot cuppa.  
or perhaps tea?
How do you take it ... one lump of sugar or two, cream or milk?

 A birthday is not a birthday without a delicious cake.
After our feast it would be time to sit back and chill out and catch up with some good conversation.   I'm not quite sure if you're a cigar and cognac man, so I've prepared for whatever other cravings you may have!  [She winks.]

Gosh how the time flies, when you're having fun.  I guess it's about time to say goodbye to you but before I do, I wish to leave you with something else to warm the cockles of  your heart.
“If I could give you the world I would wrap it up and tie a huge ribbon around it and offer it to you as a token of my love, respect and gratitude to you!”

Before you take your leave please take time to read this very important message for you.

Dear Went,

On behalf of myself and your fans from all over the world, we wish you a very Happy 40th Birthday.

Went we pray that all of your dreams and wishes be granted on this very special day.  Our love and thoughts are with you and your dear ones. 
We would all love to be with you celebrating your birthday but remember that however you celebrate this day and wherever you are, we are right there beside you.
Thank you for coming into our Living Rooms and more importantly into our Lives, touching us with your beautiful spirit.  You’re a bright beautiful flame burning in our hearts forever.
 God bless you with many more wonderful and happy years to come filled with an abundance of love, happiness, success, good health and warm friendships.
Fondest love,
Your Fans & me,

This song is for you dear Went.

Goodbye and thank you for stopping by.   I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Showers of  warm kisses and  big bear hugs from all of us dearest Went.

I can’t help myself but  ...

And …
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