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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wentworth Miller: An Honoured Guest at The Circuito da Guia in Macau, China

On the 22 November 2009, Went travelled to Macau, Guangzhou, China to attend the exciting World Touring Championships and The Auto Exhibition organized by Chevy Cruze.  Interestingly, Went was involved with the filming of Resident Evil, Afterlife at the time. As Went was the prestigious guest at this exciting event, it meant he had to leave Chris Redfield and his combat fatigues behind in Toronto, Ontario to fly across the globe to attend this affair.

Now that’s what I call a conscientious and dependable man and one who possesses a real zest for life!  These are such admirable attributes to possess in my opinion.
For those who would like to know a little bit about Macau here’s some valuable information for you about this amazing place:

Interested in the WTTC Championships?  Then please follow this link below:


Some wonderful photos of Went at the World Touring Championships.

Those sexy long legs!

A huge thank you to Susie at Wentology
 for her creative genius for this awesome gif.

Cutie Pie!

A selection of video links of Went's interviews on Netease entertainment, The Conference and The Auto Exhibition:

I enjoyed this interview it was so cute and humorous
and I loved Went’s boyish expressions!

I hope you enjoyed this event with Went and thank you for your valuable time. 

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