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Friday, June 8, 2012

Wentworth Miller: It's about Law and Order - SVU Season 11 Episode 1!

When I read that Went was going to act in Law and Order - SVU, I was thrilled for him because it meant that he was going to act in one of his favourite shows and I could just imagine how happy and excited he was.

Goodness me! [She exclaims with delight.] Went has such cute expressions and mannerisms when he speaks ...  Um ... where was I ... it seems as though watching Went in the video has put me off of my stride  for a second, please give me a minute to catch my breath ... Oh yeah!  Talk about manifesting something and receiving it.  Isn’t it uncanny how the Universe gives you exactly what you focus on? I guess all Went's viewing of the show really paid off.
While Detectives Elliot Stabler (Chris Meloni) and Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) believe that Nate Kendall is not right for the case due to his unstable personality, Executive ADA Sonya Paxton (guest star Christine Lahti) joins the team, bringing evidence of a common thread among three other rape cases. With Paxton’s help, the team seek out to expose a serial rapist.

On July 6th 2009, Went was spotted in New York.  He was there to work on the 11th Season, of Law & Order - SVU,  Episode 1 (Unstable)  and what a strong performance he gave us as Nate Kendall, a NYPD officer who has a lot of psychological issues and hang ups who saves a rape victim.

Photos of Went in front of the Hotel in New York

Went signing autographs with his fans.

Wow talk about being unstable!  I would’ve enjoyed counselling Went’s character.  You know, helping him work through some of those deep rooted issues he had and of course some other issues that may have surfaced too, that’s for sure.[She winks mischievously.]
I’ve always been intrigued with the art of acting and I often wonder how the acting process goes and how Went gets into his characters.   I have so many questions  that I would love to ask Went if I was lucky enough to have the golden opportunity to.

Went’s performance as Nate Kendall was amazing, and it's evident what a talented and serious actor Went really is.  I’m not quite sure which of the two characters that Went portrayed, had the most sex appeal though … the good one (Michael Scofield) or the bad one (Nate Kendall).  Some girls would argue that they prefer bad boys, but I for one, prefer the more quieter and genteel type …  [She winks.]

Co-star Ice-T took to his Twitter about his experience working with Wentworth, saying, “Just did a scene with Wentworth. It’s crazy for me to act with people I watch on TV & Movies. I’m still a big fan. That never changes!”

Hard at work Went and Mariska Hargitay were spotted on the New York City set on (July 8, 2009).

Talk about lightening up the mood on set.  There appeared to be plenty of laughter on set too ... over a dead body?  [She shakes her head.]

Now that’s what I call delightful jobs!  What a privilege ... [She grins.]

Another of my favorite videos.

I assure you if Went had to look at me like that with those penetrating eyes of his, while I was videoing him, I'd probably drop the camera and pass clean out from sheer shock and surprise. [She gasps.]

What a pity this episode ended with a cliffhanger.  I sure would have enjoyed watching this character Nate Kendall again.  I think this character added a lot of drama to the show and I would've really enjoyed seeing Went in action once again.

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 A song I’ve chosen for Nate Kendall.


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