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Monday, August 20, 2012

Wentworth Miller: The Premiere of Resident Evil Afterlife with Wentworth Miller in Japan.

The Premiere of Resident Evil Afterlife took place on Thursday, 2nd September 2010.  It was held at Roppongi Hills in Japan.

What a momentous occasion this was. 

I was so excited for this day.  I was going to watch Went live on “Ustream World Wide”.  It meant that I had to make sure that my computer was in perfect working order.  I’d taken my computer to the “Computer Doctor” the week before for an overhaul, and it was working like a bomb.  I even made sure that I had a backup; I purchased a new laptop just in case anything should go wrong.  The ordeal I experienced when I attempted to follow Went’s adventure at Comic Con wasn’t going to happen to me again.

I started the morning off with a session of deep meditation to get me into the “Zen” of things. I had planned my daily routine the day before, very carefully and methodically.  My workload was going to be kept to the very bare minimum giving me enough time and space to see Went.  I made sure that I remained calm and centred because I knew that I needed to be relaxed when I watched Went, live in Japan, later on in the day.  I substituted my intake of coffee for Chamomile tea instead.   I made sure that light meals were the order of the day.  I even forewarned my Security Company, to have their paramedics on standby just in case I needed any kind of medical assistance i.e. mouth to mouth resuscitation, defibrillation to the heart, oxygen, straight jacket etc.  You know the usual (WREP) Went Revival Emergency Procedures. [She winks.] 

I settled down to watch this awesome event.  I had the panic button there, right next to me on my desk, in case of a medical emergency.  This time my telephone and cell phone were placed on “speaking mode”.  Relaxed and breathing calmly I connected to the Ustream thread and there they were … hundreds of Japanese screaming fans waving banners with Resident Evil Afterlife splashed and painted all over them.  Some were holding up banners for Milla Jovovich, some for Ali Larter and if my memory serves me correctly, the majority of them were for Wentworth Miller.  Huge big pictures of Went were bobbing all over the show.  My adrenaline started pumping.  I scanned the crowd to see if I could see Went but he hadn’t arrived yet.  Suddenly the crowd went crazy as cars pulled up and I knew instinctively that Went was in one of them.  Gosh my heart was pounding my head was throbbing and my eyes were popping. Suddenly the chauffeur opened the back door of one of the sedans and there he was … Wentworth!

I flew out of my seat, jumping and shouting with joy.  I collapsed and flopped back down into my seat smashing my elbow into the panic button by mistake.  Suddenly there was pandemonium! Alarms went off around me.  The telephone rang … it was the security company telling me the paramedics were on their way and I must keep calm.  In a split second, security guards were storming my house.  I looked up and I saw a man’s face glaring at me through the window with his gun pointing at me.  He was shouting at me, commanding me to lie down on the floor, to remain calm and still (as if I could).  He shouted he had everything under control (so he thought).  Paramedics were making their way down the pathway with a stretcher.  Can you believe it just   another one of my Went Occasions gone wrong?  I was so embarrassed too!  I can assure you I had to come up with a pretty good explanation for this emergency call out.

Yeah you guessed it!  I missed out on the Premiere for Resident Evil Afterlife, but thank goodness I did manage to catch up with the Premiere afterwards.

Was the above ….

Fact .... 

 or fiction? [She enquires raising her eyebrow and smiling.]

These are some of the magnificent pictures taken at the event.

This is what got me into trouble.  Take a look and see if I over reacted. You be the judge!
Well I guess that’s all from me for now. 

Thank you for stopping by.  Goodbye!

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