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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wentworth Miller and Resident Evil Afterlife - The Movie!

I mentioned in one of my previous blogs about RE4 that I hadn’t been a follower of the Resident Evil Franchise.  However, it wasn’t until I learned that Went was going to be in this particular sequel as Chris Redfield, that I took a keen interest in it. I was so excited when the release date was announced.  I rushed out and bought my ticket for the matinee screening of RE4, for Friday, 17th September 2010.  I particularly chose the matinee because I knew most folks would still be at work and I hoped that I would have the cinema all to myself.  You see I wanted to have my own private viewing of the movie without any talking, cell phone ringing, munching, crunching, sipping and slurping around me, and without the irritating “back seat kicker” sitting behind me. 

When the day arrived I was so excited and quite honestly I was just a wee bit nervous too.  I guess I was tense because I’d experienced so many mishaps with my Went occasions before.

That Friday morning seemed to drag for me.  Eventually 3 pm rolled around and there I was at the movie theatre all by myself.  I couldn’t believe that the cinema was so empty.  I was in my element.  With my 3D glasses in hand I chose a seat right at the back of the cinema  because I figured that if Went took a swipe and gave a whopping blow it wasn’t going to land on my chin, that’s for sure.  You see I’d never ever seen a 3D movie before.  I had a feeling that it was going to be an awesome experience.  To top it all I was going to see Went in 3D too.  When the adverts began I put on my 3D glasses and it felt as if I was sitting in a fish bowl with swimming goggles on.  It reminded me of the scene in the movie “Notting Hill”, where Hugh Grant’s character had no option but to wear his swimming goggles instead of his glasses to the movies.

I was so relieved that 3D animated trailers were shown beforehand because it gave me a chance to get accustomed to the 3D experience … or so I thought.

When the movie Resident Evil Afterlife started and the names were appearing on the screen I was too afraid to blink in case I missed out on Went’s name splashed all over the big screen.  Eventually when his name did appear on the screen, I squealed with delight.  Straight away I had five pairs of eyes from the audience eyeing me cautiously.  These busybodies just shrugged their shoulders and swivelled their heads back to look at the screen.  They probably thought I was just another rowdy audience member making a nuisance of them-self as usual. Little did they know that seeing Went’s name written on the big screen was  one of the proudest moments of my life.

I couldn’t wait for the movie to move along so I could see Went.  Eventually there he was!  He looked like a caged animal behind bars (just like he looked in Prison Break).  I thought to myself “my goodness how could I have forgotten what a beautiful human being he is”.   Suddenly I had an urge to reach in behind the bars and pull him out and plant a smacking kiss on his kissable cupid mouth. [She giggles.]  I got caught up in the moment and my puckered lips instinctively made a loud smacking kissing noise. Five heads swivelled around in my direction again. I ducked behind the seat in front of me pretending to retrieve something that had just dropped to the floor.

With every breath and boo Went made, and with every move he made … I sat glued to my seat just watching him. 

 (Sounds familiar doesn’t it?)
The trouble was I was so totally engrossed with every move Went made that when it came down to the fight sequences that involved him I couldn’t restrain myself.  I began shouting at him telling him to duck, dive, and bite, kick, and shoot at anything and everything that moved towards him.  I completely forgot that Went was just playing a character and was only acting in a movie and no actual harm was going to happen to him.  I got totally engrossed in the fight scenes of the movie and to top it all the 3D technology only made it ten times more realistic to me.


I’m ashamed to tell you this but I was thrown with popcorn, ice cream cones and sodas. To crown it all I even had the usher shining his torch into my face warning me to calm down and telling me to put a sock in it ... I argued back putting up a fight ... and then he said ...

If you don't behave you'll get this ... for being a very naughty girl!"

Dah! [She exclaims with disgust.] Talk about having your own privacy.  I mean I had intended to have my own private screening of RE4 but I had so many interruptions whilst watching it. I honestly don't understand what all the fuss was about.  After all, don’t they know how to enjoy a Went movie?  This fiasco left me with no other alternative but to rush out and buy my very own Resident Evil Afterlife DVD.  At least now I can watch it over and over again without any interruptions plus I have Went all to myself. [She winks.]

I bet you’re all wondering if I enjoyed the movie. 

Well what do you think?  You bet I did! I had the time of my life!  I thought Went was absolutely bloody marvellous (as the British say).  His presence on the big screen was completely captivating.  Went’s performance was outstanding.  He put a lot of effort into making his character Chris Redfield as believable as he could by adding a touch of “Went” to him, making him so human and likeable … loveable. The only disappointing thing for me about this movie was that there wasn’t enough written about the Chris and Claire, (brother and sister dynamic). But then again I prefer  dramas and thrillers to action movies.    Don’t get me wrong.  I admired Went’s stunts and fight sequences which I thought he performed very well.  All I can say is thank goodness I didn’t have anyone sitting in front of me when Went pulled out all his action shots in the movie, because who knows what further chaos I may have caused.  [She laughs and winks.]

The Awesome Gifs are credit to the brilliant creativity of Went’s fans on Tumblr.

I’ve uploaded some interesting videos for you to watch too.






Thank you for joining Went and me at the movies!
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