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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wentworth Miller: Daydreams and Fantasies with Wentworth Miller.

I’ve often mentioned in a few of my blogs how easy it is to daydream and fantasize when you think of Wentworth, or when you see a picture of him.  I have to tell you even if Went doesn’t agree that there is definitely something mysterious and magical about him.
I believe that it’s good for you to daydream.  It helps you with your creativity and imagination. Daydreaming is not about dreaming of smutty stuff.  Daydreaming is a powerful and wonderful gift when used correctly.  It can assist you when you wish to manifest wonderful relationships and good situations into your life.  Manifesting is about seeing, feeling, sensing and emotion. It’s very good for adults to tap into their inner child as we often forget how to relax, to be creative and to be carefree.

I’m writing this particular blog as an example, to give you an idea how to bring in colours, scenery, smells, sound and emotions into your daydreams.  It's important to make them as real as possible because this is how you manifest wonderful things to you in a positive way. It’s like painting a beautiful picture and writing an exciting story. I always make sure my daydreams are lovely, light and exhilarating because it’s an expression of my soul and it uplifts me. I like to add a bit of fun and humour into my daydreams too.

Now I don’t profess to be a writer nor am I a good storyteller.  Certainly not like dear Went is, that’s for sure, but I’ll do my best and share a daydream and fantasy I have of him with you. Here’s hoping that this is one blog Went doesn’t get to read.  [She laughs.]

It’s a brilliant, warm summer’s day.  The sky is powder blue with a bright beaming sun.  It’s dotted with white puffs of cotton wool clouds.  I’m walking in a scenic park along a pathway, carpeted with soft green grass.

I feel so happy and peaceful as I take in the beauty around me.  Suddenly I think I see Went up ahead. I blink my eyes to make sure that I’m not dreaming. I can’t believe it! Yes, it’s really him!  My dream has come true!  My heart skips a beat... He’s all alone standing on a wooden bridge, and he’s looking down at the colourful reflections in the water below him. 

He looks wonderful.  He’s wearing a cream coloured bucket hat with a red, blue and gold band sewn around it.  His eyes are hidden by “Ray Ban” sun glasses. He’s dressed in a pale blue, creased, checked cotton shirt; it hangs loosely over his beige khaki pants.  He has denim blue running shoes on his feet.  I notice that one of his shoelaces has come undone.  I smile to myself thinking how boyish and vulnerable he looks at that moment. A black North Star backpack is slung over his left shoulder and I wonder what he’s carrying inside of it.

My hands and knees are shaking nervously. I walk shyly towards him and I choke out nervously, “He…llo Went…worth!”  He lifts his head and turns it sideways and looks at me. “Hello” he says. I begin to introduce myself and I extend my hand to shake his but on impulse I tiptoe and peck him on his cheek instead.  His stubble tickles my chin and I giggle softly. He smells so lovely and fresh almost like sweet Lemon and Mandarin.  My heart beats faster and my cheeks become flushed. I imagine them being a bright shade of pink and I feel so foolish and awkward.  Went steps back surprised.  “I know you!  He says giving me the “Blue Steel” squint behind his dark sunglasses. “You’re the one who writes all those blogs about me on the Internet.”  I immediately feel my cheeks turn from a bright shade of pink to a bright crimson red. I step back “Yes … that’s me.” I stammer.

“I’m glad I’ve met up with you.  I’m curious.  What’s with all those pictures of “Betty Boop” and all the “lovey dovey” stuff you put on there for me?” He enquires. “Oh yeah!” He exclaims, remembering something else. “I’m also concerned about all the swooning and drooling pieces you say about me. I know I’m good, but I’m not that good!” He says “Let’s take a little walk together shall we?  I think you’ve got a lot of explaining to do!” He states, while tugging at my arm. “Oh!” I exclaim completely surprised by Went’s demeanour.  I was led to believe that he’s a quiet and reserved man and not one for confrontations.  It seems that I’ve overstepped my mark with him and I’ve really pressed his buttons.

I’m annoyed at myself for ruining what should’ve been a perfect Went encounter, but instead I’ve turned it into something rather uncomfortable and embarrassing.  I just want to run away from him. I sense that he means business and I think to myself we’d both look like complete idiots if Went gives chase after me around the park shouting at me to stop.  Besides it wouldn’t take him long to catch up with me too, especially with those long legs of his. So I decide to stay put.  At the same time I’m also concerned for his well-being.  I don’t want him to trip because that would make this awkward encounter even worse, so I point out to him that one of his shoelaces has come undone.  Suddenly his eyes twinkle mischievously behind his sunglasses and then he politely thanks me.  I’m taken aback that under these awkward circumstances he’s so polite and he hasn’t forgotten his manners.  Suddenly he gives me a slight smile as he kneels down to tie his shoelace.  His smile immediately puts me at ease.  He can’t be that angry with me after all, I think to myself.  He was probably only teasing me.

We follow a pathway shaded with Apple Blossoms and green leafy Oak trees.  There are perfumed fragrances of Lavender and Jasmine filling the air.

As we continue our walk under the shady trees, we can hear the sweet singing of Purple Finches and White Throated Sparrows, around us.

 I explain to Went what my motives and intentions are in my blogs about him. He accepts my explanation and in fact we find that we understand each other rather well.  We begin to discuss other things and we start laughing together.  We’re becoming two friends enjoying each other’s company.  We chat away about our philosophies of life and our interests.  We’re really getting on like a house on fire because we seem to have similar outlooks and tastes.  I’m spellbound by Went’s mesmerising tone of voice.  I hang onto every word he says.  Every so often we stop talking, taking in the wonder and the beauty around us.  Our silences aren’t awkward; they’re wonderful, warm and comfortable.  I find that I’m completely relaxed in Went’s company.  It’s as if we’ve been friends forever.

We come upon a Lily Pond and a lonely Weeping Willow Tree.  It’s so pretty and peaceful and we decide to take a moment to enjoy the scenery.  We sit down on an ornate white garden bench overlooking the pond.  We chat away; we’ve got so much catching up to do.  Suddenly I am overwhelmed with a sense that this day is very special and that we are about to experience something quite extraordinary. My intuition tells me that it’s going to be an adventure that neither one of us will ever forget. I don’t breathe a word of what I’m sensing  to Went, in case he thinks I’m being silly and he changes his mind about me and he comes to the conclusion that I’m a fruitcake.   

We decide to continue with our walk and we come upon a cobbled stairway hidden behind a golden curtain of light.  We climb the steps and reach the top of the stairway.

Directly in front of us is an unusual looking old mansion with rustic stone walls.  It has stained glass windows with blue painted frames and a magical blue wooden door in front, which is adorned with a draping violet Wisteria.  The mansion’s charm peaks our curiosity so we make our way towards it.

When we arrive at the blue door Went tries the door knob but unfortunately it’s locked.  He reaches above the door and finds an antique Sterling Silver key hidden on top of the ledge.  Went turns the key in the lock and gives the door a slight nudge.  It swings wide open.  We look at each other in agreement and cautiously step inside …

Oh dear I’m terribly sorry!  I forgot to warn you that my daydreams invariably get interrupted at the most crucial times. It seems I have to end it here unfortunately.  I bid you a fond farewell, but before I do, I’ll leave you with this lovely poem and quote instead.  Oh! I almost forgot to mention I’ve also included some wonderful videos too.


Daydreams are wishes dreamt to please,
Your heart and mind, no one can cease.
A ray of sunshine into your day,
A gust of wind to sail away.
Open eyed or even blind, still you dream with heart and mind.
Wherever you want, whatever you do,
Your wish is true; it's here for you.
All the faces and places you wished, love, joy and glory exist.
I've closed my eyes and laid my head,
I've kept on walking; still I'm in my bed.
I've kissed the star and hugged the moon,
I've stepped on diamonds and gained a throne.
I've danced, my love, till the morning light,
And ordered the sun to shine love bright.
I'm the best in the world to dance or sing,
I've kissed my love and bought her a ring.
I've lain in a flower and talked to an angel,
I've reached the poles and explored the jungle.
I'm a knight in armor; I'm a royal prince.
I'm the head of a firm; I'm a man of wealth.
I'm the best of doctors. I've designed the tower.
I'm a famous artist. I'm a man of power.
I'm the reality; I'm the dream.
I'm my destiny when I write the scheme.
~Osama Mohamad abdalmo Aldeyasty~

Fantasy Videos:
 “Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
` Langston Hughes `
Dream Videos:
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