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Monday, October 8, 2012

Wentworth Miller: Chevy Cruze 2010

Yeah Went was certainly on his way!  He was on his way to China on the 13th October 2010 to do a promotion for Chevy Cruze once again.  His millions of fans all over the world were so excited and they all waited with baited breathe for his arrival at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.  I’ll be perfectly honest I was one of those millions of fans holding her breath and glued to her computer screen waiting to see a picture of Went or to see a video of his arrival.

Let’s all be honest there’s definitely something so comforting and reassuring to see Went’s name  on the Internet.  It’s always good to know that he’s well and happy and still in the land of the living wherever that may be. [She winks.]

Anyway, getting back to Went’s arrival at the airport, these wonderful pictures emerged on the Internet together with videos which were taken of him with his entourage and bodyguards.  Went looked so good and as always he greeted his fans with friendliness and warmth.



On the 15th October 2010 these pictures were taken of Went on the set for the making of the commercial. 





Went was caught on camera wearing his disguise (bucket hat and ray bans).  [He couldn't fool me.  I’d recognise him anywhere dressed like that, even if I was lucky enough to just get a slight glimpse of him.  My heart would skip a beat, I'm sure of it.] These photos of him were taken on the 16th October, 2010 when he went sightseeing and did a little shopping too it appears.  [She winks.]

A Press Conference was held on the 17th October, 2010. Went spoke so  intelligently and eloquently at the Press Conference and he looked amazing. 

I enjoyed the part where Went speaks about not “hitting the hot spots” and that he prefers to do things “of a historical nature”.  [Now that’s my boy … cultured, intellectual and refined!]

Here's a link to the exquisite Yu Garden that Went refers to in the Press Conference.

I can recall that there was a lot of speculation whether Went was going to act in Spartacus at the time and oh boy many of his fans had fantasies of him acting in it and thus some amazing manips of him appeared on the Internet. 


I personally couldn’t see Went acting in Spartacus but then again I’d much prefer seeing Went in dramatic and romantic roles rather than beefy roles. [She smiles.]

These photos were taken of Went in front of The Bund Hotel.

Went saying goodbye to China.

The final product:

 The news about Went’s visit to China.


Went left China on the 18th October 2010 for California. 

Someone had the good sense to take these snapshots of him leaving the Post Office in CA the following day, the 19th October, 2010, reassuring us that he was safe and sound. 

Well I certainly hope you enjoyed this trip of Went’s to China.  Thank you for reading about it.

Before I say goodbye I’ve posted these two music videos because I wish Went was here ...


…. but sadly I know that Home is exactly where Went’s heart is.


Goodnight everyone ...


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