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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wentworth Miller: The Making of Loft - On Set.

News about the remake of the Belgian movie Loft was all over the Internet.

Initially Patrick Wilson was rumoured to be acting in the remake of Erik Van Looy’s movie Loft, alongside James Marsden, Wentworth Miller and Eric Stonestreet. The 2008 original Belgian movie Loft, was scripted by Bart De Pauw and adapted by Wesley Strick. Shooting of the US remake was going to begin on the 6 June 2011 in New Orleans (NOLA).

Patrick Wilson was committed to another project at the time. It was later announced that the cast members for Loft were as follows:

Karl Urban as Vincent Stevens (replacing Patrick Wilson, who dropped out at the start of filming)

James Marsden as Chris Vanowen

 Wentworth Miller as Luke Seacord

 Eric Stonestreet as Marty Landry

 Matthias Schoenaerts as Philip Williams

 Rhona Mitra as Allison

 Rachael Taylor as Ann

 Isabel Lucas as Sarah Deakins

 Valerie Cruz as Barbara

 Elaine Cassidy as Ellie

 Kali Rocha as Mimi

 Margarita Levieva as Vicky

When the news broke that Went was going to act in the remake of Loft, I was beside myself with excitement because I enjoy dramas and thrillers and it also meant I was going to see Went soon.  The original movie Loft was a huge success in Europe.  It was a saucy psychological thriller that had audiences captivated. To top it all Went was going to be travelling to NOLA too.  I’ve always had a longing to visit this fascinating place and knowing that Went was going to be there had me even more interested and enthusiastic about the movie.  I enjoy listening to The Blues and Jazz and have always felt that I’ve been to NOLA perhaps in a past life.  I certainly hope that Went got to do a little sightseeing on my behalf, in his spare time besides studying his script, reading, working, eating and sleeping. [She grins.]

 I couldn’t wait to hear more about Went's new project.  Within a few days of the announcement of the movie some fabulous pictures and videos emerged on the Internet of Went and the crew on the set of the movie Loft.


On Set.

Went looks so adorable wearing glasses.


These pictures were an absolute blessing not only to me but to all of Went’s fans.  It was so wonderful to see Went again after such a long break and may I add … he looked marvellous.

I’m not ashamed to tell you that I’ve watched these videos over and over again because it’s so good to watch Went walking, talking and working!  [She winks.]

I found the following videos very amusing.  I have named them...

“Hounded by a Reporter”

“The Interrogation”


The interviewer Martin Heylen is no relation to me in case you’re wondering.  What a pity he got to do the interview instead of me. [She laughs.]  It seemed to me that Mr Heylen was unprepared for this interview.  He also appeared to be extremely nervous and overwhelmed by Went’s alluring presence (I’d probably feel the same) and was more interested in Went’s character and personality rather than posing his questions about the movie.  As we all know Went is a very private person and this type of questioning probably caught Went by surprise and may have been very intimidating for Went.  No wonder Went appeared slightly uncomfortable.  Firstly Went probably picked up on the gentleman’s nervousness and to me that can be rather unsettling to say the least.  Secondly, no one likes to be probed about their personality that’s for sure.  I know that I don’t.  With all that being said, this interview is very dear to my heart.  Went remained graceful and polite throughout this very awkward  and unprofessional interview.  It just goes to show just how professional Went is and what a fine gentleman he truly is. Went you certainly are a sweetheart

I’m quite sure I could’ve conducted the interview with Went in a slightly more relaxed and charming fashion.  [She says mischievously.]

 On second thoughts perhaps I would’ve been far too overwhelming for Went.  [She giggles.]



Promo Video for Loft

"But that is not the trailer," says Erik Van Looy. "It's a rushing mounted promo reel for internal use which in one way or another on the Internet has arrived. The real trailer will be more impressive, I promise. "

The Release Date


Thank you for reading this blog.  I look forward to sharing the next one with you.

I thought these two music videos were fitting for the movie’s location.
Good Ol' John Fogerty and Born on the Bayou
The Blues

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