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Friday, November 16, 2012

Wentworth Miller: "Crazy" in Love.

Hello everyone!

The topics I’m writing about involves “Feelings and Expressions.”  Now normally I would blog this on my other site but I have a feeling that there are some of of you who question their feelings towards Went.  Perhaps  these feelings are causing you a bit of confusion and they might even leave you feeling guilty.  For some reason I've been moved to write this blog.  I hope with my spiritual insight I might be able to be of  some help to you by explaining  a few of these issues to you.

Very often being a fan of Went’s can become sort of disconcerting and confusing at times.

Firstly, there's the issue of if it's normal to have feelings of love for him.  Of course it’s completely normal and natural to have loving feelings towards Went.

When someone like Went is a good role model and a decent human being who has inspired and motivated another in a positive way, then it’s perfectly normal and natural to feel warmth, love and admiration for him.
It’s also perfectly natural to want to share love and appreciation to him and your admiration and love for him, with others too. 

Remember love is a pure emotion and it’s a beautiful gift so there’s no need to have feelings of guilt.  The more a person sends someone loving and pure thoughts, the more it uplifts that person spiritually, emotionally and physically.  It also has a positive impact on their daily lives too.  Love is positive energy and it's very powerful.  When a person sends Went loving thoughts and writes loving words to him and or about him, it definitely blesses and enriches his life.  He may not be aware of you or your love but it still touches him.  That love energy you put out there is released into the Universe and travels straight to him no matter where he is or what he's doing.  Not only is it positively good to send this loving energy to Went but it also touches those dear to him in a wonderful and positive way, because don't forget he loves them and they are linked to him.  It's a chain reaction.

Secondly, there may be the issue of being an obsessive fan. 

Many people confuse love with obsession, which can lead to psychological issues.  An infatuation with Went is normal, but when the person loses focus,  e.g. follows him around (stalking), making it their business of finding out where he lives and going to extreme measures of trying to find out everything they need to know about his personal life i.e. who he’s seeing and dating, how much money he has, what religion he follows, what his sexuality is or any information about his family, then this is definitely a sign of obsession.  Another major sign of an obsession is when a person loses focus on their own lives for example their job and other relationships. They become so wrapped up in the other person that they stop going to work, or do not focus as much at work.  They may also stop seeing friends and family because they only want to spend time with the person that they’re obsessed with at the time.  Anyone who thinks that they exhibit any of these signs of obsession should seek help. A psychologist can help them work through their feelings and develop a healthier mind and lifestyle.  Prayers and meditation is also very good for healing the mind, heart and soul. 

Thirdly, I’d like to mention another topic that may be an issue for a Went fan and that is how to express your fondness and admiration for Went.

We all know that Went enjoys art, music and literature.  So my intuition tells me that Went appreciates reading positive words written about him.  I’m pretty sure too that he admires all the creativity that people are inspired with when it comes to his photos, and videos and music videos provided that they are done in good taste, with a loving heart and with pure intentions. 

Lastly, I have blogged about this issue before but I’m going to mention it once again.  As you all should know by now (if you've being following my blogs), that I'm a sincere and devoted fan of Went's.  I have the utmost respect for him as a person so I must tell you that quite frankly I take great offence when I accidentally stumble upon something that has been written in a distasteful and disrespectful manner about Went on the Internet. It also offends my spirit when malicious gossip about him is spread on the Internet too.  If this trash offends and hurts me I can only imagine how hurtful and offensive it must be to Went, his family and to his friends when they  also stumble upon it.  I’m quite sure that I’m not the only fan who feels this way either.   
Some may say who cares how you feel but I'd just like to point out that words are powerful and can have either a positive or negative effect on people.  It’s always wise to use positive pure words about another human being because I can assure you that what a person writes or says negatively comes right back at them and affects their own lives in a very negative and harmful way. 

Thank you for reading this blog and I sincerely hope that I've been able to offer some of Went's fans some kind of comfort and insight. 

Sending you all .... Waves of love! 


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