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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wentworth Miller Meets his Fans in Belgium.

It was in July 2011 that the cast flew to Belgium, Brussels to complete the filming of the interior scenes of the Loft at the Videohouse studios in Vilvoorde. 
The reasons for flying the cast to Brussels  apparently was because the movie was partly being financed by TaxShelter in Belgium and it was cheaper to make the movie in that country as they were able to work with less crew there.
Now you can imagine how excited Went’s fans in Europe were when they got wind that his itinerary included Brussels.  They were ecstatic, because that meant that some of them would be able to track him down to meet him and get his autograph.  Who can blame them?  I would have felt  exactly the same.  What a great opportunity to meet Went and some of his fans travelled far and wide to see Mr Miller.    Goodness me if I didn’t live in the bottom half of Africa I would’ve definitely done the same. [She sighs brushing away the tears.] 

Please follow the links below to read some of the meetings Went’s fans had with him.

I can assure you all, that security and Went can thank their lucky stars that I wasn't there 'cause they would've have had a pretty tough time keeping me at bay. [She teases and then bursts out laughing.]
An interview with Eric Van Looy at the time of filming Loft in Belgium, Brussels:

  Highlights of the interview:

Ø  The remake is a younger version since the cast of the original one are at least 10 years older.

Ø  A lot of the dialogue and the way the characters come across have changed, but when it comes to the integral storyline it is a replicate of the original one.

Ø  The original screenwriter co-wrote the remake but gave them the freedom to do what they wanted with the script.

Ø  The director revealed that several other quite high profile actors were interested including Kiefer Sutherland and Tobey Maguire.

Ø  The cast hung out and went sightseeing together when they were doing the indoor scenes in Belgium. They went to see Prince and Coldplay together; Wentworth took a tour to the Royal Palace. (That’s my boy!  That's my idea of having a good time too, dear Went.)

Ø  He said that James Marsden is a lovely man and that despite them being so different from their Flemish counterparts in the film the 5 main actors are just perfect for their parts.

Ø  All of the cast have seen the original one.

Ø  They’re still in the montage stage which takes place in Brussels. They’re currently using the score of the original one (done by Wolfram de Marco, here a soundtrack of the original one) and it flows so well that they’re considering using the same score.

I thought this was cute so I added it in.


Well Mr Miller all I can say is I hope I do get the opportunity to meet you one fine day 'cause ...


[She says typing away and brushing away the tears ...]


And just 'cause Went has a certain look I added another favourite of mine.

Goodbye everyone!  Thank you for reading and remember “BE GOOD!”

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