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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wentworth Miller's Achievements for 2012

Hello Folks,

While the rest of the world is enjoying a white festive season, South Africans on the other hand are enjoying a sweltering hot summer festive season with the occasional thunderstorm.  Many South Africans enjoy their festivities on beaches all over the country or they travel to their homelands to visit their families and friends.  Those who prefer to stay at home usually entertain their friends and families with braai’s (barbecues) by their pools if they’re fortunate.  The less fortunate ones embrace their festive season with joy, gratitude and happiness surrounding themselves with their family and friends entertaining them with the little they have in their humble homes.

To give you an example of how important a braai is to South Africans I have posted a YouTube video for you to watch.

The other day while I was preparing the Christmas Eve dinner in my kitchen, (the traditional one i.e. roast turkey etc.,) I found myself reminiscing about Wentworth’s year for 2012.  I realized that even though he had decided to take a break from the public eye he has nevertheless been a very busy man and has achieved so much in 2012. 

2012 was definitely a big year for Went.  Went celebrated his 40th birthday on the 2nd of June and that to me is a turning point for anyone.  It means you have the sense and courage to forge ahead with all of your attained skills to accomplish all of your dreams and this is precisely what Went has done.  [What a wise man he is indeed!]   Went has been concentrating on his writing skills and he has been so successful with this vocation.

Went’s first screenplay Stoker was made into a movie this year.  It was directed by Park Chan Wook starring Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode.  Went was also a Co-Producer of Stoker alongside the other Producers.  (Follow the link below for details.)

Stoker is going to be premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013 and will hit the theatres all over the world early next year 2013.  Went also wrote another screenplay The Disappointments Room which was grabbed by Voltage Pictures and Killer Films.  Another script written by Went, With A Friend Like Harry, was also snatched up by Maven Pictures and is going to be directed by Kimberly Pierce (Boys Don’t Cry director).  Went was also sought after this year  by Universal with Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman Producing  under Platone and Oprah Winfrey and Kate Forte Producing under Harpo Films, to do the adaptation of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle a novel by David Wroblewski

It was also announced that Went was being approached to act in a Hollywood co-production of Bigfoot.  If this is true I look forward to reading more about this project soon.

To say that Went was a very busy man and an achiever this year is an understatement.  It normally takes a person a lifetime to achieve what Went has managed to do in one year. Congratulations Went you truly are an outstanding achiever that’s for sure!

Speaking about achieving I’ve also achieved completing and writing all about Went’s life and career up to now.  I’m looking forward to writing more blogs about Went and his successes in the years to come.  [You know what that means Went! (She winks)]

I believe in miraculous signs and while I was reminiscing on all that Wentworth had achieved this year it was raining outside.  After the thunderstorm had passed over I happened to look out the kitchen window and lo and behold there was a magnificent rainbow in the sky right in front of my window.  I immediately sensed that this was a lucky omen for Wentworth.   I foresee a beautiful and very successful busy year ahead for you Went.  A year filled with lots of love, joy and happiness too! 

A Final Note!

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful continued support this year for Wentworth and for reading my blogs about him.  I trust that they have brought you lots of joy and pleasure. 

God bless you!

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