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Monday, August 26, 2013

An Apology to Wentworth Miller.

After the recent news about Went making a courageous stand for Gay and Human Rights and coming out that he is gay I found myself having so many mixed emotions.

Admittedly my first reaction was shock and disbelief when I first read the news.  The first thing that jumped out was my ego.  I couldn’t believe that my Went found men more attractive than women. Suddenly, my heart shouted at my ego and told it to take a hike. Then I realised, but hey Went and I really do have many things in common and of course one thing is that we’re both attracted to men and what’s wrong with that?  After all, God created man in His image to be loved.  He made men beautiful and very sexy.  Wouldn’t you agree?

I reread the letter that Went wrote to the St Petersburg International Film Festival and this time I read it with an open mind and it all made perfect sense to me.  I was filled with so much love, pride and joy for Went.  I flew out of my seat shouting “YES THAT’S MY WENT!”  I’ve always known that Went was a courageous, decent human being and a man of principle with strong morals.  How could I’ve possibly forgotten in that instant about all the wonderful qualities that Went possesses? It just goes to show how ignorant our Ego is. I immediately blogged “Wentworth Miller:  A Man of Principle.

That evening as I lay in bed going over everything that I had read in Went’s letter I was suddenly filled with so much despair and sadness.  My heart filled with immense pain for Went as I imagined him going through life keeping his sexuality and emotions all bottled up inside.  How difficult it must have been for him especially being a Celebrity and under the spot light all the time.  I wanted to take him in my arms and comfort him.  Oh if only I could’ve removed the scars from his heart. In that moment I felt utterly helpless and tears just poured down my cheeks. Suddenly in my state of despair images of sad faces kept flashing before my eyes and I realised that these sad faces are souls suffering in the exact same way as Went did.  These Souls are afraid to be their true selves... they’re prisoners in their own bodies and they are carrying such incredible pain and heartache which is inflicted on them by humanity through prejudice and hatred.

I was filled with deep shame and remorse.  I realised what immense pain and suffering humanity is causing one another… and all for what!  What could we possibly gain from subjecting other human beings to suffer in such an ignorant and insensitive way?  After all, we all come from the same God/Source/Energy and we’re all experiencing life together here on earth? Surely God/Source/Energy intended our lives to be a wonderful journey together, one filled with love, peace, acceptance, kindness, respect, hope, discovery and learning?  But instead, we (human beings) have invented fear, hatred, slavery, chains, politics, money, guns, discrimination, war and mass murder.

This blog is an apology to Wentworth and to all those whom humanity has wronged.

Please forgive me/us if I/we made you feel unaccepted and unloved at any time and in any way.  It was not my/our intention to hurt you and others at all. 

 I/We will strive to be more open, accepting, respectful, loving, tolerant, peaceful and kind to each of my/our brothers and sisters everywhere irrespective of their race, sexuality, beliefs, social standing and ethnic backgrounds.

Let us all join together in solidarity with Wentworth and other peacemakers across the globe to promote peace, love and harmony so that we can make this world a better place to live in, now and for future generations to come.

I’d like to end this blog with this special song for Went.

And a song for humanity.

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