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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Hug!

Credit: nova. – Wentology.

The young lady in the photo with Went must’ve read the poem below, before going to UCLA on the 6th November 2013.

Lucky for her, Went just happened to be there so she could give him a “vice grip” hug.  Whether it was lucky for Went we shall never know unfortunately.  [She jokes.]

Although after scrutinizing the photo a little closer it does appear that Wenty is enjoying “the grip” too, as he seems to be reciprocating with a big grin. [She teases.]

Therefore, you do know what that means don’t you?

When you get that “once in a lifetime opportunity” of bumping into Went, give him a friendly hug.  It’ll do wonders for him and wonders for you too.  Don’t forget to get a snapshot of the moment to share with others so that they can feel the love too!  There’s nothing better than having the heart strings tugged every now and again ‘cause that’s precisely what happened to me when I saw this delightful photo. 

Thank you Went and thank you to the young lady who went in for the big squeeze. 

If only it …


It’s wond’rous what a hug can do,
A hug can cheer you when you’re blue.
A hug can say, “I love you so”
Or, “Gee I hate to see you go”.

A hug can soothe a small child’s pain
And bring a rainbow after rain.
The hug! There’s just no doubt about it,
We scarcely could survive without it.

A hug delights and warms and charms,
It must be why God gave us arms.

Hugs are great for Fathers and Mothers,
Sweet for Sisters, swell for Brothers.
Chances are some favourite Aunts
Love them more than potted plants.

Kittens crave them.  Puppies love them.
Heads of State are not above them.
A hug can break the language barrier
And make the dullest day seem merrier.

No need to fret about the store of ‘em.
The more you give the more there are of ‘em.
So stretch those arms without delay, and

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