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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Flashing "The Flash"!

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged for Went and it’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s just that life around me has been pretty hectic lately.

I’ve been constantly reminded to take a little time for myself by a little voice deep down inside, and by others on the outside.  I was reminded to glow when Went posted a YouTube Video by the Mills Brothers singing "Glow Worm" on his Facebook Page which brought back so many happy memories for me.


Then after listening to the song again and settling down to watch a little TV would you believe? There it was. Flashing across the TV screen. A preview of “The Flash”!

DSTV in SA was advertising that it was indeed going to show “The Flash” on the 14th October 2014. 

What a coincidence wouldn’t you say?

Well when I saw this advert I jumped off the couch and started doing “A War Dance” like this …

Please don’t ask me why I did this ... but it was the only dance I could come up with in the moment. [She laughs]. 

Perhaps it was all the stress and anxiety I’ve been going through lately coupled with the excitement of seeing Captain Cold aka Leonard Snart aka Wentworth Miller on my TV screen.  Who knows?  Emotions can make you do the weirdest things at times. [She giggles]. 

With all of this excitement and prodding I was jolted into action and settled down to write this blog.

So here’s looking at “The Flash” on my TV screen soon 

and of course you Captain Cold or is it Leonard Snart?  You're going to be an icy cold breath of fresh air on my TV screen that's for sure! 


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