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Thursday, November 6, 2014

An Evening With Leonard Snart in "The Flash"!

For weeks I’ve been counting down the days and hours for the much anticipated Episode of “The Flash - Going Rogue”.  I’ve been slightly apprehensive that my viewing of this Episode would be spoilt for me as it did in the past.  As you may or may not know, the other occasions I’ve had concerning Went have always been quite disastrous.  If you’re not up to “speed” with what I’m going on about then these blogs might help you out.

Getting back on track!

 The Preparation:

As you can imagine I planned my evening’s viewing meticulously to avoid any mishaps.  Fortunately the stars were smiling down on me this time.  Tuesday, 4th November, 2014 at precisely 19h30 “The Flash” (Going Rogue) was aired on DSTV in SA.  I curled up on the sofa with a tall glass of Ice Cold Lemon Tea in hand.  No popcorn!  I’d just finished dinner. I had set the volume up as loud as my ears could stand it.  It didn’t occur to me that my neighbours might not be keen fans of “The Flash”.  All I was concerned about was that I’d miss out on every syllable that Went or rather his character Leonard Smart was going to utter.  You see I’d been waiting way too long to hear Went’s voice and to have him in my living room on my TV set again.   I also made sure the Record Button was set on my PVR just in case of interruptions e.g. irate telephone calls from my neighbours, toilet calls, owl calls, emergency calls etc.,  well you get my drift. Besides all that, I can watch the episode over and over again … fast forwarding … back tracking … slow motion …. pause … freeze … fast forwarding …  you know how it is?

The Viewing Experience:

I’m waiting with baited breath to see Wentworth’s name … there it is and gone in a “flash”.  I shriek! I settle down again and take a deep breath and sip the ice tea, my throat’s slightly sore from that shriek and my adrenaline is pumping. My eyes are focused and glued to the TV screen.  Watching … adverts …. waiting ….  more adverts … back again … watching and OMG he’s on!  Leonard Snart! Speeding on a motorcycle! Len, short for Leonard, is fit, agile and quite a stuntman. Huh!  Fearless too!  A first glimpse of his face those ice cold eyes glaring. My heart skips a beat.  Watching … waiting … more adverts … watching … Oh yes Len’s on again!  Man! He looks lean, mean, ageless and sexy.  Len’s smooth sensual tones are filling my ears.  His long fingers are caressing a steel thing called a freeze ray. Ooh!  I’m getting goose bumps/pimples all over.  Len’s no easy character that’s for sure. Gosh he’s so bitter and twisted and oh so business like. He’s sarcastic! But it’s clever and funny … I chuckle.  Watching … adverts …. waiting ….  more adverts …  back again … watching … Oh this is  funny … Len likes gum … and he chews it like a pro.  What’s this?  Len has a heart!  I don’t believe it! He’s offering a kid in a museum a stick of his gum. Aww! Now that’s sweet of him.  Oh no! He’s just used the freeze ray on someone and spoilt our moment.  I’ve got to say this guy is ruthless and fearless. It seems like his life means nothing to him.  Len jumps on trains with swift ease and dives off of them just as easily.  His not at all scared of being shot by anyone or anything! Len’s made another witty sarcastic remark. I laugh. None of the characters on the show are laughing. They obviously don’t find him amusing. Cisco has just called him “Captain Cold”.  Oh man!  Has this guy, Len, got an ego!  He is revelling at the sound of his given nickname with a devilish smile. Gosh it’s cute! I shouldn’t think that! Sheesh! Talk about vain! Don’t tell me that’s all … that’s it!  Hang on!  What’s this? Len’s teaming up with Mic, I guess its Mic Rory aka Heat Wave. It must be for episode 10. Yay! I can’t wait to see that one!

Credits ….

The End. 

Eeew! I haven’t even finished my ice tea yet.

The Review:

In all seriousness Wentworth’s acting was superb in this Episode and I’m not just saying that because I’m his fan!  Wentworth definitely added excitement and charisma to the episode and it made me want to see much more of his character Leonard Snart.  His character was believable, very intimidating, intriguing, dark, menacing and quick witted. Wentworth’s slow articulate voice added intrigue to his character.  It was refreshing that Wentworth’s character is human and intelligent.  The complete opposite to a world wind, a cloning villain or a green puff of gas. 

I’m so excited that Wentworth’s character “Leonard Snart” is going to feature again alongside Dominic Purcell (Heat Wave).  I have a feeling that Episode 10 of “The Flash” is going to be just as exciting as “Going Rogue” was. I sincerely hope that we are going to see Wentworth's character “Leonard Snart” in quite a few more episodes of “The Flash” because he certainly makes the TV show worthwhile watching.

The Final Note:

If I were the producers  I would seriously consider having a spin off to “The Flash” and have it called “Captain Cold” with Wentworth Miller because he’s definitely got what it takes to make a show, a hit! ”. 

P.S.  I like Leonard Snart a lot and I believe we could become good buddies!!!!

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