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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Linger On!

Is it just me or is there a certain kind of magic in the air that just seems to linger on and on and on?  My gut feeling tells me that it’s got nothing to do with Christmas and all to do with a very special man … Wentworth Miller!  He seems to have that strange effect on me.

Here’s why!

First of all Went had the decency to wish all of his fans a Happy New Year on his FB page.  Don’t get me wrong there was no exclamation mark after his greeting to make a point, but simply a full stop to get to the point.  Yep!  No flowery message just a simple Happy New Year, everyone. Plain and simple. Yet so sincere and very sweet.  Went didn’t have to write a flowery message for me but knowing that he actually typed the words filled me with joy and that feeling of joy continued to linger on for a whole day. 

Then on Friday, 2nd of January 2015 Went shared a beautiful song with his fans on his FB Page performed by Simon and Garfunkel called “For Emily Wherever I May Find Her.”

Here’s the video.

After watching and listening to the song, I was left completely breathless …   mm mm perhaps I should have called my title “Breathless” instead.  Went also has that effect on me too.

Anyway, I’m sure you can guess what happened to me after listening to the song can’t you?  I had the tune lingering in my heart and head right through the night.  It continued haunting me the following day too.  Linger … Linger … Linger… 

If that's not enough! Went goes and does it again!  He posts a quote on his FB page the following evening.  I mean it was just a quote for heaven’s sake.  I read quotes every day on FB and they don’t linger on for the remainder of the evening keeping me awake, but Went’s quote did.  I kept going over the quote over and over again.  Crazy but true!

This is the lingering quote … for your sake I hope it doesn’t affect you as it did me.

… and so the lingering continues tonight too ... with more of Went's haunting material on his FB page.

Check it out.

All I can say is if Went continues with this behaviour for the rest of the year, then God help me!  I honestly don’t know how I’m going to cope … but in truth I absolutely love it! 

Therefore darling Went, if you ever read this silly blog of mine … keep it up … may the lingering continue … on and on and on!

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