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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Food For Thought!

Recently Went has definitely given me “food for thought”. 

Firstly it started off with Went and Dominic Purcell’s interview about their working together in the Flash and all the chatter about a suitcase filled with a whole lot of peanut m&m’s with almond in a pinch, peanut butter cups and if you’re gonna do it … do it right, and the chatter continued about seasonal m&m treats, which was a clear indication to me of what was to come later.

After watching the interview a couple of times I wondered if Went’s fetish for m&m’s was in actual fact his Inner Child’s fetish?  Little did I know that perhaps it was … and I have since found myself looking up all recipes with peanut butter? Perhaps this obsession is my Inner Child at play too.

Hello Valentines!  On Monday, February 16th, 2015, after the long “Love-in Valentine’s Weekend” Went surprised all of his fans on his Facebook Page with a photo he personally took, (can you believe it?) of a Clearance Sale of Reese’s Hearts peanut butter.  I bet Went couldn’t wait for Valentine’s to finish so that he could hit the clearance sales for all the m&m’s and Reese’s Hearts he could get his grubby little Inner Child’s hands on.

What is it with Went that he likes all the Sales?  I mean if he isn’t seen browsing the aisles at Flea Markets then he is seen at Yard Sales, or he is strutting the aisles of some Supermarket looking for (I bet) a bargain on food prices. Knowing him a little better now, my intuition tells me that he frequents the deli & bakery and sweet aisles more often than he does the fresh produce, meat/seafood and detergent sections. 

Please don’t get me wrong!  I’m not criticising Went in the least.  Actually, I’ve come to realise that Went has got a wonderful thrifty mind, and a very sweet tooth which I find extremely appealing. And the mere fact that Went enjoys Reese’s Hearts just makes him even more endearing to me too.  I’d like to ask Went if it’s the hearts or if it’s the taste that appeals to him the most? 

The last “food for thought” from Went came as a wonderful surprise to his Facebook followers when he posted his article “Inner Is Served”.  Now that really was something to sink your teeth into (excuse the pun).

I’m sure you’ll all agree that after reading Went’s insights he possesses a depth that is exquisitely unique and wise.

On a lighter note I had a “food for thought” moment when I was reading Went’s article about his inner child.

My inner child gets a lot of play. Or should I say "playtime."

I wondered what playtime Went gets up to.  Does he get up to mischief when he is being interviewed?  Could it be that he frequents theme parks too?  Or perhaps it’s those outings at the movies when he munches away on an extra-large box of popcorn while slurping on a Café Latte Slurpee and thinking to himself “This movie is so crummy, I could write a better screenplay than this!”? But then again it might be the thrifty shopping sprees he seems to enjoy so much. For that matter it might even be Went reading his fans comments on his Facebook page that gives him the most fun and laughter.  Whatever it is I hope that Went’s playtime fills him with joy and happiness.

That makes me happy.

The way I imagine it, my inner child embodies my capacity for wonder. Excitement. Magical thinking. Hope. There are times when I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Specifically my kid. My former 5 year-old self. And in those times I feel joy.

Went obviously loves Christmas that’s for sure … I mean all that talk about “Seasonal m&m treats” is a dead give-away.  So the way I figure it, the way to Went’s heart is to spoil him with a whole lot of peanut m&m’s with almond in a pinch, peanut butter cups, and Reese’s hearts.  That should bring him joy and that’s not such a tall order is it?  Or is it?

 And as a man rapidly approaching his mid-40s, who's been around the block more than once (if not the whole neighborhood), I know that joy is a feeling worth cherishing. Courting. At every opportunity.

As soon as I read about Went’s Inner Child’s joy his interview at the Trevor Project popped into my mind. Could this have been the very ”joy” Went was referring to?

But, truth be told, my inner child can also be a bit of a brat. Willful. Selfish. Immature.

(He is, after all, only 5.)

There are times when I feel his little hand reaching out to take the wheel, trying to steer me into a tantrum when life doesn't go my way. And in those times I'm careful to remove that little hand. Gently but firmly. Because children have no business driving.

These days, while cruising life's highway, I pretend it's my inner elder who rides shotgun, occasionally reaching out to take the wheel while my inner child takes a much-deserved nap in the backseat, wrapped snugly in a stadium blanket.

Hmmm no wonder Went’s inner-child needs a much-deserved nap.  What with all the activity he gets up to on the quiet and with all of his thrifty shopping for sweet things, it’s quite obvious that the poor kid’s absolutely exhausted! (She jokes).

Jokes aside.  To put it in a nutshell.  Went … I love you … your inner child and your inner adult!  You’re all packaged up into one terrific fellow and I adore him.  If I could … I’d offer you a cookie and a heart for a little extra comfort and tell you that everything is alright.  That would be my JOY!

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