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Thursday, May 21, 2015

"Rogue Air" with Captain Cold!

Well as luck would have it I was given a chance to view The Flash’s Rogue Air on Tuesday evening and I tell you it was by the skin of my teeth too.  By now, if you have been reading any of my blogs for Went, I always suffer from some sort of dilemma when it comes to seeing any of his TV shows or events. 

On Tuesday 20th May 2015, at precisely 5 pm in the afternoon our Electricity Supply Commission in SA decided it was blackout time.  They threw the switch!  Now can you imagine my panic?  I still had to prepare dinner and feed a farm load of animals not to mention the thought that without electricity how was I supposed to view “Rogue Air” at 7.30 pm that evening, knowing full well that these blackouts normally last 4 to 6 hours.  As luck would have it, I had salads prepared and stored away in the refrigerator in case of such emergencies, so that was the candle lit dinner for the evening.

Wouldn’t you know as I was about to wash up, the lights came back on at precisely 6.45 pm.  I couldn’t believe my good fortune.  

I settled down eager to watch dear Went in this action packed episode with so much excitement that I felt that my heart was going to pop completely out of my chest.  Perhaps, it was a mix of all of the hype around the show and Went for a couple of days that brought on this anxiousness, who knows?  I sat glued to my TV screen waiting for the moment that Captain Cold made his appearance and there he was … sitting in a “pub”, waiting for his meeting with the Flash and ordering an ICE COLD DRINK, of all things.  I thought to myself at the time why couldn’t Captain Cold have been original and order a “Scotch Hot Toddy” instead.  He always has to be different doesn’t he?

I hope Captain Cold reads this blog because I’d really like to point out to him that it’s most impolite to criticise anyone’s appearance … calling the Flash the “Scarlet Speedster” didn’t really sit well with me I can assure you and by the look on the Flash’s face I don’t think he appreciated that sarcastic remark either.  Captain Cold, I ask you! How would you like to be called the “Blue Eskimo”?  Another thing where did you acquire the taste for pickled eggs for heaven’s sake?   Ugh gross!!! I tried them once and I was as sick as a dog afterwards. 
The Flash asks Captain Cold for one small little favour … to save the meta humans from being destroyed by relocating them to a safer place and what does Captain Cold want in return? He wants his whole identity erased … his fingerprints, his dental records, his family tree … you name it he wants it all wiped clean from the Internet and everywhere else.  Well when I heard Captain Cold’s request I thought to myself at the time that it wasn’t an unreasonable request, because personally I was feeling the same way too … I would prefer a hassle free life … who wouldn’t?

Well fortunate for Captain Cold, his wish is granted, and the Flash complies with his demands.  It seems to me that Captain Cold always gets what he wants and when he wants it too! (He must’ve been a spoilt brat).  Oops sorry Captain Cold! 

Lisa, Captain Cold’s sister invites herself to the party too, much to the Flash and everyone’s disgust and Captain Cold has the cheek to say he’s “a man of his word”.  Hmmm  … I don’t think so Captain Cold … not by the way you’ve been behaving in your previous episodes of the Flash.  The Flash must be crazy to believe a word that you say but then again I don’t write the script do I?

Come on ladies and gents, you have to admit there’s nothing more exhilarating and a turn-on than to hear a motorbike start up by a leather clad sexy looking motorcyclist!  Well Captain Cold had to go and add fuel to my fire and start up his mean machine dressed in his very sexy black leathers, helmet, gloves and dark glasses (how he saw where he was going I don’t know, especially at nighttime).  For a moment I forgot who Captain Cold was aka Leonard Snart … perhaps it’s because his identity had been wiped out and I was completely captured under his spell.  Captain Cold’s drive for excitement and adventure had me wishing and dreaming that I was sitting on the back of his Harley with him racing through the streets with the wind blowing in my hair. What a rush!

Captain Cold always has something cynical to say.  Who does he think he is by telling the Flash that the Flash’s "August" friends are not very prompt and that’s why they have never been able to catch him (Captain Cold).  Man! Does Captain Cold kid himself. Perhaps he should be called “The Scarlet Pimpernel” and change into a new costume.  Thank goodness he doesn’t though, because his freeze gun saves the Flash’s life during a fight with the meta humans and says so coolly to the other meta humans “How about we call tonight a tie?”  … “Let’s all go our separate ways!” Suddenly I had a favourite tune of mine playing in my head when Captain Cold said these words and just as I was enjoying the reverie, he adds “It’s always a pleasure to meet a fan.” Well I was so flabbergasted I couldn’t believe my ears.  I never thought that words like that would mean a thing to Captain Cold and that wasn’t  the end of it either. Captain Cold actually says he knows that a “Thank You” means a lot to people and when the meta human says “thank you” back to him, Captain Cold replies “you’re so very welcome!” I wonder where Captain Cold learnt that phrase from?  Whoever it was who said that to him, must have left a huge impression on him I can only assume, or perhaps the writers of the show thought that Captain Cold should indeed have a few manners.  If this was the case … good writing guys! 

“A man of his word!”  Huh! Captain Cold, you turn coat you! You always have an ace up your sleeve don’t you? 

Captain Cold says to the Flash that he can’t wait to see how everything turns out.  Well I tell you I can’t either so I’ll be watching the remainder of the series and keeping my eyes peeled on you Mr Leonard Snart, you can count on that … I’ll be watching you … very closely indeed!  (She teases).

Well that was it!  The end of Captain Cold’s part in the episode with his sarcastic comments.  I’ve left most of it up to your imagination or viewing, whichever you prefer.  Check out the links for some previews of the show.

My Review of Went’s performance as Captain Cold is short and sweet … “WENT YOU’RE PRETTY DAMN MARVELOUS AS CAPTAIN COLD and in other ways too”!!!  BRAVO an OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE!!! I LOVED IT!!!

Thank you for reading my take on “Rogue Air” until we meet again.

Scotch Hot Toddy Cocktail.

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