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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Upfront and Personal!

By now I’m sure that everyone in the “Wentdom” is aware that Went attended the CW Network’s 2015 Upfront  at the London Hotel in New York City on the 14th May 2015 and what a treat it was for all of his fans.  The internet was flooded with praise, photo’s, tweets and blogs about this wonderful event not to mention how super proud they were to see Went and Dom at this illustrious affair. 

I for one was captivated by it all and was so thrilled to see my two favourite guys Went and Dom standing on the stage together.  As I like to say “Way to Go Went and Dom!” you’ve both made this fan of yours extremely proud.

I wanted to share more of the awesome photos of Went at the event and also a few photos taken with Went and his fans which are special. 

On a personal level, I would like to add that I have noticed a huge keen interest appearing on my blogs of late due to Went’s amazing presence at all of his events.  This pleases me immensely to know that I must be doing something right with my writing for my blogs too.  I am also amused that a few of Went’s fans even find time to play and communicate with each other with the use of my words.  My only hope is that they do not defile or manipulate whatever I’ve written about Went in a derogatory way because as you know I started writing blogs for Went out of my deep admiration and respect for him.  I wish to say to Went’s  mischievous fans,  that they may go ahead  and have fun, but I must please appeal to you, that you keep it pure, respectful and simple out of respect for Went and me.  Which reminds me of an interview between Went and Ramin Setoodeh via email and the very wise quote Went said at the close of the interview …

Q. Do you ever Google yourself?

A. Not for a long time. There’s nothing the Internet can tell me about myself that I don’t already know. The rest is foolishness and people killing time. (Not that I have anything against foolishness and killing time. Because I don’t. I have a healthy interest in both.)

Ah! Went I agree with you 100% and I know that we are after all only human and what’s one to do when boredom does set in and you dear one, are the centre of infatuation and attention?  (She teases).  I guess I can’t blame these naughty fans of yours and must turn a blind eye.

To Went’s fans who do enjoy reading and appreciating his work and career with utmost interest and respect, I wish to thank you personally for being such wonderful fans to Went.  I’m sure your devotion to Went does not go unnoticed and you are so very much appreciated by him and that makes me extremely happy. 

A reminder to everyone who reads this blog that Went advocates “Unconditional Love” for everyone and so I extend this out to you too.  Remember … #LOVECONQUERSHATE!

Thank you for reading this blog.

Sending you heartfelt love as always. 


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