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Wentworth Earl Miller III

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Blue Checkmark!

#FanArt by eileenirma

Yes it’s official! 

Went’s Facebook Page has been verified … authenticated … his credibility has been approved as if it needed to be … 

A personal note from Went on his FB Page.

Well hello, verification.

And hello to all you folks just now stopping by to comment, "like," and share. Welcome. And thanks.

Thank you too to everyone who's been here from the beginning. Or near the beginning. I enjoy this. I'm learning from this. It's good for me to practice self-expression. To be part of community. And I want to say thanks for holding a space.

A question I always ask myself before posting is, "Who am I posting this for?" The answer is, "Me and one other person." Me and that one other person who might find value. They may not comment or press "like," but I trust that they're here. Looking. Listening. Reading. Sharing themselves in whatever way feels comfortable.

I thank them too. They've given me a gift.

Much love. And be good. - W.M.

 Posted by a fan. Thank you.

Thank you to Went’s fans at FB for sharing this beautiful and most welcomed photo of Went.  And thank you my dearest Went for posing for this treasure … you always manage to brighten up my day and warm my heart. 

Love you always
♥ ♥

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