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Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Word of Thanks!

A word of thanks from Wentworth from his FB Page to everyone who supported him so generously over the last few days concerning the insulting meme posted about him on FB on Tuesday 29th March, 2016.

“Generally I like to post every day M-F. But after my last post I felt the need to take a beat. Reflect. Go for a walk. 
Continue my self-care routines. And stock up on deodorant. (Some things won't wait.)

I spent a lot of time thinking about all the things I'm grateful for. I'll start with the people on this page. On Instagram and Twitter too.

Some have been here, sharing their time/thoughts/energies, holding space while I grow my awareness and practice self-expression. I have been and continue to be grateful for you. Deeply.

Some are new. I'm grateful for you too. Deeply.

I've read a ton of the comments to my last post. And will read more.

What amazes me - humbles me - is how fantastic people are.

Again and again, someone claiming to be struggling themselves, out of gas by the side of the road, took time to offer support. To speak life. Modeling grace and hope and compassion and generosity.

I don't take that for granted. You guys have given me many, many gifts.

If anyone feels like they're alone in the battle against depression, anxiety, what have you... one look at this page proves the opposite is true.

To everyone walking a road that looks like mine, or kind of like mine, or nothing like mine but still made an effort to comment, share, "like," and care, I say thank you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. - W.M. xox”

Went dear,

I want to let you know that you will always have my support and the support of every one of your followers.

Your kind and thoughtful words mean so much to us all.

I/We love you and respect and admire you for everything that you stand for.

God bless you abundantly always.

My deepest love to you, Wentworth Miller.

Faithfully yours,


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