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Saturday, April 9, 2016

An Apology!!!

It was with real regret that I canceled my plans to attend the Justice Squad Convention in Paris next month.

We're squeezing nine new episodes of PRISON BREAK into the hiatus between seasons one and two of LEGENDS, and something had to give. That something was my trip.

I'm sorry I can't make it. I don't like disappointing people. And I know many had already purchased tickets to attend.

On the bright side...

The organizers are now offering fans a choice between a refund OR an exchange for tickets to a special PRISON BREAK "Ultimate Escape Convention" scheduled for June 2017.

I'll be there.

Please continue to check www.guestsevents.fr/ for details and updates.

Looking forward to it. - W.M. xox

P.S. To everyone who held a patient and generous space while I worked out the logistics of this new arrangement, I say thank you. To everyone who did the opposite, I say thank you too. You've all taught me something

Thank you dearest Went for your kind consideration and gentle heart. 

I love you. Always!


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