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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Convention's Hero!

With the unfortunate cancellation of the Paris Convention Went had assured his fans that he would look into the matter and he certainly kept his word as I knew he would.  Went shared this exciting news with his fans on his Facebook Page moments ago. 

Re: Guest Events / Paris Convention


The folks at People Con and Rogue Events have created new opportunities for fans impacted by the recent Guest Events cancelation.

As of now, I'll be attending 2 conventions in 2017.

The first will be CITY OF HEROES #3 in Telford, UK on Sat. May 20th and Sun. May 21st.

The second will be SUPERHEROES CON in Paris, FR on Sat. June 3rd.

Fans who purchased tickets to the canceled Guest Events convention can exchange them via email for either the Paris convention:


Or the UK convention:

[I'll add the email address here when it's been activated]

I hope you guys can make it. I apologize for the situation. And I thank you for your patience. - W.M. xox

I wish to thank you dear Went for keeping your fan’s best interests at heart.  Even though I personally will not be able to attend any of these conventions I’m so happy that others will have the pleasure of meeting you in person.

You darling Went, are a true hero and a very fine gentleman.

Sending you tons of love. 



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