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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Duck’s Back (Back-up)!


Re: my last note, I appreciate the comments. And the feedback. I want to thank everyone for generously taking the time.

A few thoughts to round things out...

Like I’ve said before, this is my personal page. Made public.

On this page, I reserve the right to share myself as I see fit. This is my space. My forum. It’s been hugely impactful in my life, and if people don’t have one of their own, I recommend it.

My intention here is to get as real as possible - regarding select subjects, in an admittedly imperfect medium - about where I am, how I think, how I move through the world.

Occasionally that looks messy. Occasionally that involves edge. Darkness.

I don’t apologize for that.

Along those lines, something surfaced in the comments that I’m choosing to speak into.

I consider myself to be an activist and an advocate for a variety of causes.

But I am not a spokesperson. I speak for myself. No one else.

If someone resonates with part of my story, great. That makes me happy. But it’s important they don’t make the mistake of thinking I am committed to speaking for and representing (fill in the blank) every time I open my mouth or put my fingers to the keyboard. Especially here.

Do I have a larger audience than some? Yes. Does that come with responsibilities? Sure. Do strangers continue to project onto me and assign me values (“activist,” “representative,” etc.) whether or not I’ve agreed to them? 100%. Happens all the time.

I put self-expression above that. My own specifically. Especially here. In this space.

Self-expression saves my life. Authenticity saves my life. Art - frequently messy, edgy, and dark - saves my life. That (IMO) is what makes me a strong activist and advocate.

You know what doesn’t save my life? Trying to please people. Trying to be a “model” model.

This page, among other things, has gone a long way toward breaking the (or my) traditional “actor/fan” contract. Upsetting conscious and unconscious expectations and assumptions.

That’s not an accident. And there’s more to come.

On that note, please allow me to take a moment to create additional space and spaciousness for myself... The truth is, I don’t care if anyone watches the new season of PRISON BREAK.

I and the rest of the cast and crew busted hump to put together a fantastic story. We worked hard. And I hope it turns out well. I hope the fans enjoy it. Should they choose to watch.

But let’s be clear - I don’t care about the ratings. I don’t care about being a TV star. I don’t care about having a huge fanbase. These things are not important.

When I die, and I’m seated at the foot of my maker (whoever he/she/they may be), you know what we’re not going to be talking about? Ratings. Awards. Magazine covers. My imdb page.

We’re going to be talking about my growth as a man. As an artist. As a soul.

That’s my commitment. And my priority.

Anyone operating under the assumption that I’m worried about keeping folks in the “Wentworth Miller” fan club - on or off TV, on or off this page - can officially relax. I’m not.

As we enter the new year, I’ll be continuing to examine my contracts. Professional and personal. Stretching and pushing my boundaries. Shaking the dust. Because that’s where my work is. That’s where the juice is. That’s where the evolution and the revolution lie.

I want to breathe that in with every breath. Even when/if it makes me uncomfortable.

And when/if it makes someone else uncomfortable? That’s their work.

One last thought as I wrap this up... I was raised to believe not meeting other people’s expectations meant failure. If that’s true, why does it taste so much like freedom?

Here’s to freedom. And an amazing New Year.

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