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Hello &

Wentworth Earl Miller III

Wentworth Earl Miller III



Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Darling Went,

How’s this for a Christmas Card?

Not bad huh? 

I thought I’d blog a Christmas Card to you instead of mailing one.  

It’s far better, quicker and safer as far as I’m concerned!  Hahaha!

Jokes aside Went.  I wish you and your family and friends a fantastic Merry Christmas with lots of love and cheer. 

Enjoy the festivities cupcake!  

Speaking of cupcakes enjoy them too. And if you should perchance walk under a mistletoe I'll be kissing you there, for you know my fond thoughts are with you wherever you go.

Take care honey and may God bless you always.

All my love … and lots more …




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