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Wentworth Earl Miller III

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day!

Dear Went,

I wish you a very Happy Valentines Day. I hope that you are surrounded with people who love and care for you and that you feel the love that is sent to you from near and a far.  

The words to the following poem are so very lovely.  They're a strong reminder that love is all around you wherever you are.  

You, darling Wentworth. are so very precious and are dearly loved.

Sending you tons and tons of love as always honey. 

 I Am There

I am the breeze that kisses your cheek. 
I am the sun that warms your face. 
When you look at the purple evening sky, it is me. 
When you see a majestic mountain, it is me.

When the birds sweetly sing, it is my voice. 
When the water gently laps against the shore, it is my heartbeat.

I am the green grass against your feet. 
I am the refreshing shade of summer.

In the stars, you see my eyes. 
In the blue sky, you see my body.

Feel the air that surrounds you, I am there.

Feel the love in your heart, I am there.

~ Hanoochi~




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