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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Prison Break Season 5 Hype!!!

It’s just 2 days to go for the premiering of Prison Break Season 5 and already I feel like a pressure cooker about to blow its top with excitement and it’s no wonder what with all the hype that has happened recently. 

I’m desperately trying to keep the lid on the pot but with all the excitement I’m finding it pretty hard to do.  All I can say is God help me when Prison Break S5 finally hits my TV screen in SA!  I feel sorry for my neighbours and everyone in the same proximity as me when I hear that unmistakable sexy voice of Wentworth Miller’s giving me a rundown about the preceding PB episodes and giving me an update about where Michael Scofield (his character), his character’s brother Lincoln Burrows and his onscreen wife Sara Tancredi and son are at (in the present ) while that unforgettable PB signature tune plays in the background.

I tell you as I’m writing this blog I can feel my heart beating fast, perspiration beads have appeared on my upper lip and forehead (is it me or is it just hot in here?), clammy hands and butterflies flying around in my stomach and I’m near to hyperventilating … she is hyperventilating as she grabs for the paper bag and shoves her red head into the paper bag and takes three deep breaths.  Phew!!! Okay!!! I’ve got it together … let’s continue shall we?

Well to tell you the truth it’s been a huge mission for me to find out valid information about the airing of PBS5 in my country South Africa. Too many conflicting dates and times.  Huh!!  That's par for the course!  It appears to be one of those codes that needs to be decoded if you ask me (I need Michael’s ingenuity to figure this one out for me).  

Hopefully, my source gave me the correct information today.  If not!!! Well God help them that’s all I can say. 

When it comes to my Went time ... there’s no messing around with me … so if they know what’s good for them they’d better check their facts properly or else they’ll be hearing from me soon, in no uncertain terms.  Hmmmm.

I’d like to share some of the excitement with you about PBS5 which has happened over the past few days.

I mean why should I suffer alone when you can also experience the hype and excitement for yourselves and  you  can be the judge (s) as to whether I’m being over melodramatic about PB or not and if I could win an Emmy Award for my performance here.

Behind the scenes.

Fox TCA 2017

Wondercon 2017

On the Talk

On Fox11

At Paley 2017 on the carpet.




I trust that I got all of them, if not please forgive me. 

Fasten your seat belts honey (s)!  The  4th of April 2017 is almost upon us and I know it’s going to be one hell of a ride that won't be forgotten!  Ever!

Wishing you dear Went (if you read this crazy blog) and Dom and all other cast members the very best for the show.

I can see the ratings already … talk about a pressure cooker lid shooting through the roof of my house; this one’s going to rocket into Orbit!!! (whoosh)!!!

Love love love YOU


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