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Sunday, June 11, 2017

A French Connection!

It’s a week later and I’m still reeling from the connection Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell and Caity Lotz had with their fans at the Super Heroes Convention in Paris on the 3rd and 4th June 2017. 

Credit and much thanks to Ally Butt for her Panel transcript at the Convention.

Panel Transcript: Went/Dom.

Superheroes Con III

Transcribed, to the best of my ability, from my audio recording.

Q: How was it to jump back into Michael and Lincoln?

D: For me, it was quite easy, really. I played Lincoln for four years, obviously. It’s like fitting into an old pair of boots. It wasn’t difficult. Certainly, working with Wentworth makes that process a lot easier. I think it’s pretty well known now that Wentworth and I are very, very good friends, and we have a unique chemistry on-screen and it’s just a pleasure working with him.

W: Yeah, it was a treat. It was a treat to be reunited with Dominic and the rest of the cast, and, as an actor, to be able to go back and revisit a role, that was so meaningful to me, was a rare thing and a pleasure.

Q: I have three questions, I hope that’s okay.

W: All of them for Dominic.

Q (cont.): For Legends of Tomorrow, how much were you involved in the building of your characters?

D: Whenever you do anything, it’s a collaborative effort—directors and writers, and stuff. As an actor, I come up with my own choices. I bring my own stuff to Mick Rory. A lot of the stuff that’s given to me in the form of a script and lines, I throw all that shit away. I just say what I want to say and I think it works. A lot of the one-liners that Mick comes up with are my invention.

Q: Since you are the executive producers of Prison Break, were you involved in the casting of Mark Feuerstein? It was brilliant.

W: I’m glad you thought so. Dominic and I were not part of the casting process, as far as I’m aware, at least. That was a happy accident, that we got Mark; he’s super talented. I happened to go to school with him, actually. He was a couple years ahead of me in college, and I remember sitting in the audience, watching him do Hamlet or Macbeth, and being so impressed. So it was really cool and odd, and strange, and awesome to be reunited with him on set, playing off of each other some 20 odd years later.

Q: (I couldn’t really understand her accent.) How is it to play the bad guy on Legends of Tomorrow, when in Prison Break, you’re such a sweetheart?

W: Thank you for that question. I respectfully disagree with your take on both characters. I consider Leonard Snart, on Legends, to be a bad guy who’s capable of goodness, and I consider Michael Scofield to be a good guy who’s capable of badness. It’s a lot of fun, as an actor, to play in what I’ll call the greyscale—it’s neither black nor white. I think that’s how people are in real life and it’s a good time, as an actor, to dig into that on camera.

Q: How do you think about the possibility of Prison Break season 6?

D: There is a possibility, of course. Fox is very open to the possibility, but I think– I think in order for season six to occur, there needs to be a complete revamp of the show. Personally, what I would like to see would be more emphasis on the brothers and their journey.

Q: I wanted to know if you have any role models.

W: Was that for both of us, or just me? […] Both of us. I have many role models. Some people are models of what I want and want to be, and some people are models of what I don’t want and don’t want to be. It’s helpful to see that, too. Dominic is a model for me [inaudible]. I’m very serious when I say that. He’s a blend of toughness and vulnerability. I think he’s an excellent example of what a modern man can look like—one of the things a modern man can look like—and I’ve learned a lot from our relationship. I’m grateful to have him as a model in my life.

D: Again, role models are—I haven’t really thought about that. A role model, for me, is someone that takes responsibility, someone that owns up to a lot of things: to accountability and showing, rather than words, actions. I think that’s very important. Words are spouted very easily these days and actions is a big thing for me. I’d also like to extend—Wentworth’s a role model for me as well. I’m in awe of [his] courage, his want to educate about mental health. Working with [him] over the years, and watching him grow as a man, I’ve never really seen someone quite as fearless as Wentworth. I’m sure that’s a journey that he’s arrived at, but I sit back sometimes and say, ‘That man really knows how to look after himself.’ I’ve picked up a lot of that myself; I’ve learned a lot.

Q: What part of acting is, for you, difficult?

D: When you’re doing a shitty movie and you don’t want to do it.

W: The days can be really long—sometimes twelve hours, sometimes fourteen and a half—and you’ve got a lot of people, sometimes a hundred or more, working very hard to [put] each scene together. It can be difficult for me to stay patient, to wait for everyone else to do their jobs, so that I get to do mine.

Q: Do you know how John Doe was supposed to end?

D: Thank you for bringing up John Doe. It was one of my first jobs in America and it was a wonderful experience. It was certainly one of the hardest roles I’ve ever done. As to John’s identity, it was never really—it was vaguely mentioned by the writers. The show got cancelled at the end of the year, so we didn’t exactly find out who he was. They writers, they, in the past, have said that he was…. this is gonna sound silly. He was the Messiah returned; he was the son of God and that’s why he knew everything. That’s why he was such a good guy.

Q: How are you, both of you? Are you enjoying your stay here?

W: Ca va bien.

D: I’ve really enjoyed staying. I have family in Dublin and I spent two weeks out in the country, away from people. It was a very, very peaceful time. I’m good. I love Paris, too. I went to the French Open yesterday and I had a great time. They treated me very kindly. Paris is a beautiful city.

Q: Would you like to continue your acting career, or go back to writing? If you would like to continue acting, what kind of character would you like to take on?

W: Thank you for that question. I think a little bit of both. I love writing. I love acting. It would be nice to write while I was acting and act while I was writing. I think it’s important to have multiple pots on the stove if you’re an artist, if you’re an actor, if you’re a creative type. I’d like to change it up, I think—either play an out-and-out villain, maybe in a horror movie, or some kind of comedy, I think, would be a good time.

Q: Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck, or a hundred duck-sized horses?

W: I’m glad you said ‘duck’ because I heard something different the first time.

D: If it quacks like a duck and shits like a duck, it’s a duck. That’s my answer.

W: I vote neither. Thank you for your question.

Q: Top 3 favourite things.

D: For me, it’s being around my kids, surfing on the beach, and spending a lot of time by myself.

W: Great answers. I vote park bench, cool breeze, and a cold beer.

D: Yeah, I like beer as well.

It appeared that everyone had lots of fun, what with the horsing around, the ducking and diving a certain question that was posed to them not to mention the down to earth replies when the S***t hit the fan with thought and jest and what the F**K seemed to be the proverbial thought at that moment! 

I got the feeling that at this point Went and Dom felt like they were at the funny farm and just went with the flow which became a highlight of the whole Q and A thing much to everyone’s amusement.   The correct answer Dom would have been “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck.” but your answer was absolutely priceless.  Went of course appeared to find all of this absolutely hilarious, so much so that when I look at the snapshots of him having a hearty laugh (at that precise moment ) he really tickles my funny bone every time and I like it. 

From what I got to see there was a lot of connecting going on that’s for sure.  Signing of Autographs, exchanging conversations, the Q & A’s, the touching, the hugging, the squeezing, the swooning, the posing and the exchanging of niceties and gifts!  I bet this is one connection that will remain with dear Went and Dom for a very long time to come. 

Thank you to Went, Dom, Caity and all the other guys and dolls connected to this awesome convention for everything!  You were/are absolutely wonderful. 

A huge big thanks to all of the fans for your fantastic support and for sharing your amazing experiences on social media, with all those who couldn’t be there physically.  It’s greatly appreciated.

With all this having been said and done I’m going to miss you darling Went.  You’re the highlight of my every day and I hope I get to see more of you!  Call me greedy, sweetie but I can’t help myself.  I honestly love you!

Here’s another connection I’d love to have with you dear Went … if only I could …

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